Sep 24, 2013

Transportation Tuesday: Car Week

Welcome to the final week of the Transportation Tuesday series! What a better way to end our theme then with a week dedicated to cars?! Cars and trucks are where it is at over at House of Burke recently. Kingston has always been obsessed, but since his birthday this weekend, he is now the proud owner of three new truck ride-on toys and has been playing cars and trucks pretty much constantly.

I set up a craft and an activity for him to do today. He was very excited!

For this craft you will need some fingerpaint, a plastic zip top bag, a piece of white cardstock, and a toy car. 

I put the cardstock in the bag, squirted some paint on the paper, and placed the car inside. Then I sealed it up and gave it to Kingston. He has done a couple projects like this in the past (such as our Bouncy Ball Sensory Bag Painting and Beetle in a Bag Painting), so he knew just what to do. 

He used his fine motor skills to move the car around in the paint and make tracks. This is a great activity for hand eye coordination. He alternated between making tracks with the car and smooshing the paint in the bag with his hands.

I always love the outcome of projects like this! I think it is so very pretty and abstract!

Then I put together a baby-friendly sensory bin with completely edible materials (though I would advise you NOT to encourage your baby to eat any of these materials. Kingston never puts any of it in his mouth) black rice and yogurt covered raisins. I made a road and placed one of Kingston's cars on it. 

I used this bin to enforce all kinds of concepts with Kingston. We talked about transportation, the car, and the road. I modeled the car driving down the road. We talked about the colors black and white. We took some time sorting the different colors. Mostly, though, we talked about transportation sounds and the sounds that the sensory materials made. The car said "beep beep" and "vroom vroom". Then we took the rice and made it rain on top of the car. We listened to the different sounds that the rice made when it rained on the car, the plastic tub, and the splat mat. They all made very different sounds and Kingston was very attentive as I described them to him. 

As most of our sensory bin play goes, K eventually dumped the entire bin on the mat to play with further. We took turns driving the car over the rice and listening to the crunching sound it made. When Kingston was done, he drove the little red car away and began playing with it elsewhere, making ramps and driving the car off of them. 

We had a blast doing our car activities, but the car exploration never stops over here! Make sure to head over to Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails to check out their fun car print craft! That concludes our Transportation Tuesday series. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! 

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  1. Brilliant with the tracks in the bag! I may have to try that with baby bro:) also love your bin!