Sep 17, 2013

Transportation Tuesday - Train Week!

Happy Transportation Tuesday! We have been super MIA recently due to Kingston's big 1st birthday, which is completely consuming my life! This week is train week. K is brand new to trains. One of his Christmas gifts that is waiting for him downstairs is his first wooden train set, a simple figure eight track with a little bit of theming and a few trains. Despite how busy we have been, we are going to be bringing you a few train related posts this week: a book list, an activity, and a craft. 

Today, we are bringing you a fun list of 14 train board books for your baby or toddler! 

I Love Trains! - This colorful and informative book is narrated by a young train lover. It is full of fun rhymes and vibrant cartoon pictures. We also own the sequel to this book, I Love Trucks!  

Bright Baby Noisy Trains - This Roger Priddy (one of our favorites!) book is a great first introduction to trains for your baby! This book has a button that makes train sounds. It is such a fun and interactive way to introduce facts about trains as well as the sound that they make!

The Goodnight Train - This beautiful rhyming book is perfect for your littlest engineer at bedtime! Everybody gets tucked in the goodnight train and sets off on a magical bedtime adventure. This is such a fun train book!

The Little Engine That Could - This board book is an abridged version of the classic. This is one of the quintessential train books that every child needs to read! I love the lesson of perseverance that it teaches.

The Little Train - This classic book by Lois Lenski about Engineer Small is a great book for little ones that have longer attention spans. The board book version is abridged, but still may be a little bit long for some. The illustrations are vintage and delightful, and it truly gives a great introduction to train parts and processes!

Chugga-Chugga Choo-Choo - The illustrations in this book illustrated by David Kirk can't be beat! The rhyming text flows beautifully and will keep your little ones attention! You can follow the toys in the story as they work the train and ride through colorful scenery. 

Choo Choo - With super simple text, this board book is an excellent choice for a train book for your littlest babe. The sound words used in it such as "choo choo", "toot toot", and "clack clack" are fun for your toddler to listen to and interact with. The bold collage illustrations really add to the appeal!

Trains Board Book - We have a lot of these books by Byron Barton. They all have colorful pictures with bold black outlines. The text is straight forward and simple. Kingston likes pointing to the people sitting inside of the train.

My Big Train Book - We love these books at House of Burke! Kingston goes wild for anything with big pictures that he can point to. If you are looking for a non-fiction train book to introduce your little one to trains, this is a great choice. With tons and tons of pictures of every kind of train imaginable, this book won't disappoint your little train enthusiast! 

Freight Train Board Book  - This Caldecott Honor book is one of the most popular train books for kids out there. Kingston really likes this colorful book. It is so wonderful to introduce your little one to trains AND to reinforce colors. There are also a plethora of activities based on this book out there! 

Inside Freight Train - I personally LOVE this book by the same author of Freight Train! It is super interactive for your little ones. I love seeing what is inside the cars. You slide the pages of the board book apart for a peek inside of the freight cars. Such a fun train read!

That's Not My Train (Usbornetouchy-Feely) - Kingston has always loved these Usborne Touchy-Feely books, and this one is no exception! The text is simple, yet descriptive. The touch and feel parts are fun to explore!

Trains Go - This "noisy" book is so much fun! Inside you will find all kinds of fun noisy trains making various sounds. The colorful illustrations showcase many different types of trains. The text will absolutely keep your young ones on the edge of their seat (or lap!).

Freight Train Trip!: A Lift-the-Flap Adventure - This heavy duty lift-the-flap adventure is tons of fun! Your toddler can interact with the story by lifting the flaps as you read about the freight trains trip. 

I hope you found something great to read with your little one! Don't forget to head on over to Frogs and Snail and Puppy Dog Tails to check out the awesome Fingerprint Train Craft that they did this week! We love it! 

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