Oct 17, 2013

Apple Taste Test Sensory Activity

Apple has quickly become Kingston's favorite fall flavor! Lately, he has been trying different apples and different apple flavored items. Taste is one of the senses that doesn't get a lot of designated focus in our sensory play activities, so I thought it would be fun to put all of these delicious apple-y flavors together and do one big apple taste test with K. I rounded up a Macoun and McIntosh apple that we picked the other day, some Vermont Organic applesauce (our absolute favorite!), some Kirkland freeze dried fuji apples, and some apple flavored baby Mum Mums (which are pretty much a Kingston staple right now!). I prepared them and set them out all together. 

I started out giving him one at a time so that he wouldn't have sensory overload. I wanted him to appreciate each flavor on its own. (Little foodie in the making? I think so!) We started with the Macoun apple. We picked these apples this weekend when they had literally just ripened. They are so delicious! 

He liked it well enough and clapped his hands for more. I gave him the McIntosh apple next. 

(Cue silly baby faces!)

He chewed the apple up and then moved on to the next, the freeze dried apple. He gobbled it right up!

"This is so much fun Mama!"

Next he had the Mum Mum which is extremely familiar to him. He eats them daily!

Last, he tried the applesauce which is another item he eats a few times a week. He loves applesauce! I put it on the tray and let him explore it and try some. He treated it as sensory play for awhile before tasting some.

Once he had used his palate to explore the various apples and apple flavored items, I lined them all up along his tray to poll him on his favorite one. 

He was quick to snatch up the freeze dried apple and chowing down on it. He loved it and asked me for more when he was done, not even giving any of the other items in the line up a second glance! This activity was such a fun way to exercise Kingston's sense of taste, introduce him to new things, and encourage him to differentiate between flavors and establish a favorite. This activity would be fun for kids of all ages, and would be a great companion activity to one of your favorite books about apples!

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