Oct 28, 2013

Classic Halloween Print Crafts

We love print crafts, and the options for Halloween print crafts out there are pretty awesome! We couldn't just choose one of course. Even choosing three was narrowing it down! The rest we will save for next year. We chose to do these super classic Halloween crafts, and though they have been posted a million times before, Kingston's versions were too cute not to share. The prints we chose were: ghost footprints, bat handprints, and Frankenstein hand and footprints!

Ghost footprints are probably the ultimate of classic Halloween print crafts. They are the quintessential one that I think every child makes at some point. We actually used white paint for these, which is rare for us because I like the super clear look of ink which shows every wrinkle, but I can never get white ink to work out for us! So paint it was. I painted Kingston's feet while he was sitting in his high chair (he giggled the whole time because it tickled!) and then printed them while he was somewhat immobile. It was much easier! 

For the bat handprints, we used black ink, which if you could tell from our previous Halloween post got a bit out of control and ALL over him, and of course wouldn't come off. Such is our luck with black ink. We have one great black ink that comes off wonderfully, but I always forget that it is the good one and try different ones. Oops! It came off eventually after a couple day! haha We actually made Kingston's hand prints first, and then I added the black center circle, ears, googly eyes , and white construction paper fangs. 

I had these Frankenstein prints saved on Pinterest from awhile back, but totally forgot they existed until I saw Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails adorable version of them! I knew we had to make them. For ours we used lime green ink which helped capture all of the little lines in K's adorable hands and feet. I did cop out and colored the toes on his in black marker instead of putting black ink on his toes, and drew hair for our handprint Frankenstein. I added some other marker details and googly eyes, and they were complete! I love the way they turned out! 

These print crafts make great keepsakes and also great gifts to give to relatives! We used them to make an adorable Halloween display on our mantle. Those little hands and feet are just too adorable not print over and over again. I don't think we will every tire of print crafts!

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