Oct 25, 2013

Halloween Board Books for Baby and Toddler

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We have been reading Halloween books like CRAZY around here lately! For the most part, it is all Kingston brings me all day long, (with the exception of a handful of other randoms.. this kid LOVES books) and I am loving it. Here are our current favorite Halloween board books geared towards babies and toddlers! (Most of them K received in his Halloween basket)

This Is NOT a Pumpkin - This book seems to be Kingston's absolute favorite of the bunch! It surprises me, because the pages are mostly white with very simple pictures of a pumpkin (or part of a pumpkin), but he loves it. He brings it to me over and over again, then when I finish he asks for more. I love this book too. It is simple and cute, and I like the wording. The first time I read it, I was thinking, "Umm, actually this IS a pumpkin!", but once I reached the ending I understood. This is a really cute book that I would recommend keeping in your fall/Halloween collection for sure.

Where Is Baby's Pumpkin? (Karen Katz Lift-the-Flap Books) - This seems to be one of the quintessential Halloween books geared towards baby; and it is easy to see why! Every page has multiple touch and feels of different textures AND lift the flaps. This is like a toddlers dream book! Kingston loves touching the fuzzy cat fur on each page, the rough textured ghosts, and seeing all the sparkly bats. Plus, he loves lifting these easy to open flaps. They don't have any cut out section to fit into or a ridge to lift it up, they just flap and are super easy for little hands to grasp. This book is a definite Halloween hit!

Duck & Goose, Find a Pumpkin - This book is absolutely adorable, however, it took Kingston a few reads before he actually liked it! Every time I picked it up, he would shake his head that he didn't want to read it and pick another. After a few times speed reading it (so that I could quickly try to find something to keep his attention) he started to really enjoy it too! I really love the illustrations and the simple characters of Duck and Goose allow for a lot of extra "honk honk" and "quack quack" practice throughout the book. Kingston loves shaking his head "no" when the book says "Is our pumpkin in the ..." So cute!

Halloween Faces - This really fun board book is super interactive! There are Halloween mask to try on, different pumpkins to carve, and a fun trick or treat surprise at the end. Kingston loves flipping the different masks and pumpkins, and pointing to the different costumes in the big lift the flap at the end. This is definitely a cute book that focuses on the costume/pumpkin aspect of Halloween.

Five Little Pumpkins - This rhyme takes me right back to my childhood!! I love reading this and doing the hand movements for Kingston. The big expressive pumpkins inside are simple and cute. This isn't Kingston's favorite book, but I feel like he will grow into it. The rhyme is too fun not to! This is definitely a quintessential Halloween book.

Biscuit's Pet & Play Halloween - Kingston loves this book!! It is a fun touch and feel, but with enough words and "plot" that it is still interesting to read to him. He loves touching the scarecrows scratchy straw and the fuzzy spider at the end. Biscuit is such a friendly, fun little character for young kids. K loves pointing at him and saying "Pup!"

Trick Or Treat? - This lift the flap book is a little bit darker than the others, but we love it! Kingston loves lifting the flaps. Some parents may be a little wary of the skeleton hiding in the closet or the ghosts flying around outside the house, but that is what Halloween is all about! I like that this book has more unique lift the flaps than most! It is definitely worth checking out.

Who Said Boo?: A Lift-the-Flap Book - We absolutely LOVE this book! I picked it up at the Used Book Superstore a long while back and have been saving it for now. I'm so glad I did because Kingston LOVES it! A bunch of different Halloween monsters live in one house together: vampire, ghost, ghouls, and witches. The vampire asks  the question "Who said boo?" to each of his housemates, and none of them have. The rhymes in this book are adorable, and the ending with the little mouse has Kingston in peals of laughter every single time I read it! This is a Halloween must read for your little ones!

My First Halloween - This book is pure simple Halloween goodness! It is such a great introduction to Halloween concepts for your little one, and is the first board book I have found that mentions the date "October 31", which I think is a great addition. The pictures are chock full of things for your little one to look at.

Mickey Trick or Treat - This little Mickey book is pretty self explanatory. Kingston has made me read it so many times that I have taken to hiding it places throughout the day. He seems to always find it though!

We have been reading a few other books that I have dubbed "Halloween related", but that are not actually Halloween books. They feel right to me and Kingston is enjoying them greatly.

Other books we have been reading:

Owl Babies
That's Not My Monster (Touchy-Feely Board Books)
Superhero Me!
Monster Munch!

Happy Halloween reading!!

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