Oct 26, 2013

Kingston: 13 Months

(Photos from his 12 Month photoshoot with TwiceAsNicePhotography)

On Monday, my sweet angel turned 13 months old!! He is a full blown toddler now (though he will forever be referred to as the baby in our family) and what he has grown so very much in this past month.

13 Month Stats: 

Height and Weight - Unknown (his appt is so late this time around, so I won't know until Tuesday) and 22 lbs 10 oz
Clothing size - 12-18 and 18
Shoe Size - 4
Teeth - Still 4!
Favorite Book - He changes every day, but some current favorites are: Down on the Farm,Little Blue Truck Moo Baa La La La 
Favorite Toy - Kingston is obsessed with his Fisher-Price Little People Zoo Talkers Animal Sounds Zoo !!! He plays with it half the day!
Favorite Activities - WALKING!! 
Favorite Food - Pizza and Pasta (little Italian Stallion in the making!) and grapes

The biggest event Kingston celebrated this month was his Aunta's wedding!! This day was so very special for our family. My sister gained a great husband, and Kingston gained an awesome uncle! K was an awesome ringbearer, and I couldn't have been more proud of his behavior on the day/night of the wedding. Despite having no naps, he was in the best mood, cooperating with all of the pictures and craziness, flirting with every pretty girl in sight, and dancing with the best of them in the middle of the dance floor when it was just about bedtime. Then, around 7:30 (bedtime at our house) he put himself to sleep on my shoulder. He was an angel!!

Kingston also attended his first Halloween event this month! He dressed up as a lion which matched his hair perfectly. When I showed him himself in the mirror, he smiled and clapped and said "RAWR!" He then continued to say it all day long! We had a blast trick or treating, dancing, and playing with friends, and we are looking forward to more Halloween events!

I can't go any further without mentioning the very biggest thing that Kingston has done this month! He took his first steps on September 23, two days after his 1st birthday. He started walking a ton the following week, and the past two weeks he has been constantly on the go! He doesn't stop walking. He pops himself up, which if you remember from last month he barely even stood on his own, and basically runs all around the house. He is such a fast little guy! Walking really changes life for both baby and parent. We are still marveling over the fact that we have a walker. How could he possibly be that old?! He is truly a toddler and little person now. He sees something he wants, gets up, and walks over to get it. It's seriously amazing to watch their development from tiny, helpless little munchkins to big, independent toddlers who have thoughts and opinions.

Kingston's communication skills are awesome! This past month, he has really started to tell me what he wants. He has even started using his manners. He has been signing in full sentences recently, "Eat milk please" (I need to teach him the sign for drink!), "Please eat", "Read please", "Apple please" etc. Please is one of the signs we have been working on for a long time that he picked up this past month. He doesn't sign please always, but he is getting really good at it. His new favorite word of the month is "Wow!" He says it about everything that excites him. He now responds when you ask him to say a word. If I say, "Kingston say wow." He will say it in the same ton and inflection. His favorite words of the month besides "wow" are "diaper", "pumpkin", and "apple". He says them constantly and only in context! 

Kingston has learned most of his body parts this month!! He can identify his: head, hair, hands, eyes, nose, mouth, boobas (we are a nursing family here!), belly, feet/toes, and peepee (he's a boy!). Speaking of peepee, K discovered his for real this month. Oh joy. I have to keep telling him not to rip it off during diaper changes! haha Oh the joys of being a boy mama!

Another pretty big life event for K is that he got his first haircut AND his second this month! Glam*Ma cut his hair (she is a hairdresser) and he was very very good for it. I was happy that it didn't phase him! Probably because he was sitting in the Glamparents kitchen with his entire family surrounding him and nothing unfamiliar at all. He looks like such a little boy with his hair cut! 

This month Kingston tried a few new food items: almond milk and peanut butter! We are not weaning by any means, but I thought it would be fun to introduce him to his first non-boobie drink. He likes it, but he is a boobie boy for sure. It does give him a bit more calories and nutrition than water does though, so I think it is a pretty valid option. We aren't when or if we want to ever introduce cows milk, but we will figure it out at some point. He also tried peanut butter the other day! I waited with bated breath .. I swear they make you so paranoid for things like this. He liked it and did fine with it!!

We are still nursing on demand. I don't foresee us stopping anytime soon! I am so thrilled to have made it over a year. I can't even imagine what Kingston would do if we stopped nursing. He signs to have milk constantly. He loves it! I love nursing too.

The past two updates, Kingston had a good sleep month and a bad sleep month. This past month had been in between with some great nights and some not-so great nights. He has had a pretty yucky cold for the past month, but has done a good job of sleeping through it. Some nights were harder than others, and we are still nursing about once a night generally. I look forward to the day when he sleeps through the night, but at the same time I highly enjoy our snuggle time! 

I can't wait to see what our sweet little nugget is doing next month. He is growing in leaps and bounds! :) 

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