Oct 23, 2013

Pumpkin Painting and Washing Activity

We did a really fun two part sensory art project the other morning (at about 6:30 AM mind you!) with some of the pumpkins we picked from the patch. It wasn't supposed to be a two part activity. I DID want to do both of these activities at some point in the next couple weeks, but after the first project didn't quite have the turn out I expected, the second came into play! You will see what I mean. 

I set Kingston up with a small pumpkin, three different kinds of paintbrushes: a circular sponge brush, a rectangular sponge brush, a regular painters paintbrush, and some washable paint. Please not the "washable" part... this will come into play later; mama fail that turned into more fun than I could have imagined!

This was his very first time using paintbrushes, so he was so very excited! He tried each one first on the pumpkin, then on his hair, and back to the pumpkin. I loved watching him exercise those fine motor skills and hold each paintbrush. He was so proud of himself, clapping after every few dabs. 

"What are you laughing at Mama?"

"Oh, you're right, I do look pretty funny!"

He was squealing with laughter as he painted. His pumpkin looked beautiful, then as he painted more and used his hands, I noticed that none of the paint was sticking to the pumpkin. It began to look like a stained muddy mess. 

Now, generally I come from the school of thought that whatever it looks like is great because my baby made it. However, as you can see from the pictures, none of the paint was even staying on the pumpkin. By the time I picked it up, the paint was on the highchair, Kingston, and just about every other available surface besides the our poor pumpkin. (And to think, I was planning on him painting one for us, the Glamparents, and Aunta & Uncle.) 

I figured this was as good a time as any to set up a pumpkin washing station. I came across this Pumpkin Washing Sensory Bin Activity from Where Imagination Grows and knew we had to do it. It is such a simple, yet intriguing activity for little ones. Not to mention, we had a pumpkin and a baby to get clean here! 

For the washing station, I included the paint brushes we had used in the painting activity, one of his pumpkin cups from his halloween basket, and our kitchen scrub brush. I put a little bit of our baby friendly apple scented hand soap in the water bin which made it smell delicious and added to the sensory experience. 

Kingston was thrilled! This kid + water = an insanely fun time! 

It started off pretty innocently with a little bit of water splashing, pouring, and pumpkin washing...

.. And quickly turned into this:

It wasn't long after this that the soaked disposable came off and there was a naked baby in the tub (though I will keep those pictures and the adorable video I took to myself!). I ended up giving HIM a bath in the bin. The pumpkin washing station quickly became the baby washing station. Mama got her sensory activity in too! He had an amazing time in the water, and eventually I had to trick him into getting his pruny little buns out.

Art project done, sensory activity completed, and a clean baby? I would say mission accomplished!

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  1. This looks so fun!! We did almost the same thing last year! Except, after we had painted the pumpkins, the kids took them into the bath with them. So almost the same, though I imagine it would have been ten times messier if they had washed the pumpkins in a bin. Kingston looked like he really enjoyed himself!!

    1. Great minds think alike that's for sure!! It was such a fun experience, and so random considering as we did it at 6:30 am. I was expecting we would just paint a pumpkin, but it turned into so much more. I love when that happens!! The bath tub is such a good idea!! I need to start doing more sensory baths. Kingston is obsessed with the bath tub. Our tub is brown though which means it is just about impossible to see colors in the water if I change it and/or other fun items. Bummer! Oh well! :)