Oct 29, 2013

Tape Resist Pumpkin

Kingston made this seriously adorable tape resist pumpkin last week! It was so easy to make and of course he had a blast because painting is one of his favorite activities. 

To make, I cut three triangles and a mouth shape out of masking tape. Then, I adhered it to a paper plate, taped it to Kingston's high chair, and squirted some bright orange paint on top. He knew what to do from there.

He happily squishes, smeared, slapped, and hammed it up for the camera in true professional baby blogging style! I love my cute little ragamuffin with all of the black bat handprint ink all over him. 

While the pumpkin was drying, I read Kingston This Is NOT a Pumpkin, his very favorite pumpkin book! Then after it had dried, I showed the pumpkin to Kingston and said, "This is NOT a pumpkin!" Then I peeled off the tape and said, "because pumpkins do not smile! This is NOT a pumpkin. This is a jack-o-lantern!!" He thought that was really funny. Then I cut and glued a green construction paper stem to the top, and K's adorable toothy pumpkin creation was finished. 

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