Oct 18, 2013

Toddler Consignment Haul - September

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a bit obsessed with bargain shopping. I love consignment sales, Target's dollar bin, fun dollar store finds, used book sales, yard sales .. you name it! The thrill of the hunt gets me every time. I love going somewhere and not knowing what I am going to find and then getting a great deal to boot. Before Kingston was born, I frequented a ton of consignment sales and really made out with some great clothes and gear for him! Recently, I went to a local large consignment event and though I didn't find many clothes, I would say I got a pretty decent haul! For EVERYTHING in the following pictures, I paid $50. It's pretty insane the kinds of deals you can get if you just know where to look! We went on the last day of the sale - half price day. The only downside to that was everything was pretty picked over. This is the smallest haul I've ever gotten at a consignment event, but I got some pretty great stuff! 

Let's start with the best finds of the day shall we? We were on the hunt for shoes for Kingston to wear to my sisters wedding, plus he didn't really have any decent walking shoes. This coming from the kid who had 15 pairs of shoes before he was born. I was so psyched to find $127 worth of shoes for the insanely small price tag of $12 total! From left to right we have a pair of Wee Squeak two tone suede shoes which retail for $29.99, a pair of Pedoodles which retail for $39.99 and are buttery soft and completely brand new, a pair of Jack & Lily Lace Loafer Baby Shoes, new in box, which retails for about $37, and a pair of Buster Brown black dress shoes (the shoes he ended up wearing to the wedding), brand new, which retail for $19.99. I got all four pairs of new and like new shoes retailing at $127 for $12! Talk about a high. I was on top of the world, completely elated. Especially because Kingston truly needed all of these shoes. All of the treads were completely like new, there were no marks or even any wear! Definitely the finds of the day!

So generally, I cleanup in the clothing department at events like this. Generally I leave with bags upon bags of clothing. Today, however, I only bought four items. In the top left corner, I purchased this adorable outfit, the sweatshirt was Green Dog and had a royal crest on it. I can't really resist anything royal in any way for my little King and the gorgeous blue color was perfect for his red hair. It came in a set with a pair of Gymboree khaki pants. It was pure adorableness for only a few bucks. Below that, is a brand new Carters plaid button down. Again, these are Kingston's colors and it hadn't even been washed yet. Another amazing find for the day was the three piece suit new with tags for only a few dollars!! It is the perfect size for Kingston for Easter, so that is what he will be wearing. I'm thinking with loafers and a straw hat! The last piece of clothing I purchased was this black suit coat. It had maybe been worn once. I thought it was very dapper and that Kingston couple wear it for Christmas 2014. I like to plan ahead people!! 

I did pretty well in the toys and books department also!! The first thing up top is the Imaginarium Foam Animal Puzzle (They were only selling this single dinosaur puzzle, but these actually sell in a pack of 4, and now that I see how much Kingston loves this one I am considering buying the entire 4 pack!) This is a great puzzle for babies and toddlers since the pieces are soft and pliable. I'm sure an older toddler could probably bite a chunk through it, but so far it has been pretty durable. Then I picked up this awesome Simon Says Sit'n Spin Interactive Game, new in box for $6! It got awful reviews on Amazon, but Kingston thinks its great. He likes to stand on it and twist back and forth. This Baby-Led Weaning: The Essential Guide to Introducing Solid Foods-and Helping Your Baby to Grow Up a Happy and Confident Eater book was only $1, so I couldn't resist getting it. I was so excited to find Sequence States and Capitals new in the box! It had never been opened and everything inside was still in the plastic packaging. I had actually been eyeing this in store for awhile since my whole family loves the original Sequence Game. This will be amazing for homeschool later on! For now, it will go downstairs with all of the other various home school curriculum tools I have been collecting. This next find was pretty much fate. For Kingston's birthday (which occurred a couple days after this event) we were taking him to the New England Aquarium. They had a wooden New England Aquarium puzzle with all of the pieces for $1! I had to get it! It was a great little "souvenir" to commemorate his 1st birthday. The next find was pretty spectacular too (this was a recurring theme for the day!) The VTech - Tote & Go Laptop with Web Connect is a seriously awesome toy. There are literally 50 different computer games on this thing! And they are fun! .. I know because sometimes when Kingston is occupied I now sit and play some of them. The version I got is older than the newest version, but it is still pretty cool. I would definitely recommend checking this computer out for your little one. It has some great learning games on it and enough to really keep them entertained for awhile! Kingston really just likes to turn it off and on and push it up to me when I'm on my laptop and pretend he is tapping away on his own. Quite cute!

The rest of the finds for the day were a bunch of REALLY cute books! I was thrilled to find some greatness among all of the unsorted chaos. 

Gossie, Peedie, and Ollie  - part of the Gossie and Friends series all came together as a set
-Planes by Byron Barton - Now if you are following House of Burke on Facebook (which if you are not, YOU SHOULD BE! .. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! .. just kidding. Maybe..) then you know that Kingston is a serious fan of Trains which is pretty much identical to this book. Case in point, the kid will love this book when I give it to him.
-Curious George Goes Fishing and Curious George and the Rocket - I love these vintage-y Curious George board books! These happened to come in a set, tied with a sweet little ribbon for $1! Woohoo!
-Busy Piggies (A Busy Book) - Kingston loves pigs, so this was a no-brainer. He also owns the chicken version: Busy Chickens (A Busy Book)  
-Duck Soup - I happen to absolutely love this book from back when I taught Pre-K and Kindergarten, so when I saw this brand new copy with the $15.99 Barnes and Noble sticker still on it for a couple bucks, I had to have it! 

And last but certainly not least

-K Is for Kissing a Cool Kangaroo - I mean first of all the title alone is perfect for my little K, plus it went great with his alphabet themed party (though I never quite got it in the bin of books), AND the kicker is it is by Giles Andreae whom I adore! 

So, there you have it! You can obviously see why and how I decided that each item was PERFECT for us and a must have. I would say all in all a successful trip. You can stay tuned for more consignment haul and bargain shopping posts in the future!

Do you go to consignment events/yard sales/auction sites etc? What was your best find ever? I'd love to know in the comments!

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