Nov 13, 2013

Autumn Colors Corn Sensory Bin

This week, I made Kingston a simple sensory bin using corn and some of his autumn colored toys. I wanted to introduce K to some of the colors associated with Fall while letting him play with a new sensory medium.We had never played with corn before, so I knew we were in for a treat! 

He immediately went straight for the corn, bypassing all of the toys and objects in his way. He did what he normally does with dry sensory materials: flung the corn every which way! He always does this for the majority of the sensory play. 

He then began interacting with the blocks. He placed kernels of corn on top of the blocks so that they settled in the grooves on top. Corn sensory bins are seriously awesome for developing fine motor skills! 

Then he practiced scooping the corn kernels up with his shovel! While he worked, we talked about all of the different Autumn colors, the corn itself, and the sound it made when it hit the metal pan. 

I tried so hard to capture his little hands,but they were moving so quickly!!

I managed to get some sweet footsie pics! He liked the feel of the corn underneath his bare feet. 

It wasn't long before he dumped the sensory bin out on the floor. This is pretty much always a guarantee! He then set to work picking up each kernel, placing it in the red cup, and then shaking it out. He repeated this process over and over. There was some serious fine motor exercising going on here! 

I love that Kingston has started telling me when he is done with an activity. He will sign "all done" and crawl away. Then I simply clean up once he has moved on to the next plaything. I used to be the one who dictated how long we spent with an activity, but my little man is sure growing up! 

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