Nov 23, 2013

Indian Corn Crafts for Toddlers

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I am so ready to move from Thanksgiving crafts and onto winter and Christmas crafts! But, before we do that, I need to share a couple adorable crafts we did this week. This past week, we focused a lot on corn. We read books about the first Thanksgiving, mainly The Story of Thanksgiving and My First Thanksgivingwhere they explain in toddler terms the basics of Thanksgiving. Then, we did an Indian Corn Bubble Wrap Printing craft and an Indian Corn Footprint Craft.

For the Indian Corn Bubble Wrap Print Craft, you will need:

(K is wearing his ikea smock!) 

I taped the piece of paper to his highchair, dipped a small square of BubbleWrap in the yellow paint, and handed it to Kingston. He understood what to do with it because of our Jamberry Bubble Wrap Prints. He made several prints and then stopped to admire his work.

As he made his prints, I pointed out the color yellow and talked about corn with him. He was very serious about his work, but couldn't help laughing when I popped a couple of the bubbles! 

I love his little hands hard at work. 

I have plans to get the finished product into cob shapes and attach leaves, however right now they are still in their original form. We did several prints, so I think I will keep one the way it is. BubbleWrap printing is proving to be a big hit over here right now. It is an ideal craft for toddlers 12-18 months because it has the appeal of fingepainting paired with sensory exploration. 

Later in the week, we made Indian corn footprints ala Pinterest! 

This craft took only a few minutes. I painted each foot with yellow washable paint and printed it on a piece of cardstock. Then, I created the greenery around them using marker. 

I love how they turned out! 

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