Nov 25, 2013

Kingston: 14 Months

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My baby/big boy turned 14 months a few days ago!! Eeek! This has been a super fun month, and I can honestly say that we lived each and every day to its fullest. This age is SO fun!

Kingston's stats for this month are just about identical to last months. He hasn't grown much in the height/weight/shoe department in a bit and still has the same number of teeth!

Height and Weight - 30 in and 22 lbs
Clothing size - 12-18 and 18
Shoe Size - 4
Teeth - Still 4!
Favorite Book - He is really into non-fiction learning books lately! He wants to read about colors, dinosaurs, numbers, and new words constantly. Though we read so many books each day, it is hard to call anything his favorite. (Some of his favorite learning books are:
Favorite Toy - K has been pretty arbitrary with his toy choice lately. He is playing and loving everything without pinpointing one particular item. The best part is he has been using all of his toys in combination together in an imaginative way. Pieces from one set will be played with something else, a maraca will be used with his Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench, an Animal Planet baby dinosaurs will make an appearance at the Little People Zoo , or an ABC blocks will become a recyclable in his Little People Recycle Truck!  He has been combining so many toys for imaginative play lately, and I love it. He loves zooming his cars around and flying his airplanes. He has also engaged in a lot of heuristic play with pots, pans, pizza peels, etc. He just wants to play and imagine with everything! Oh and I can't forget Mr. Benjamin B. Bear - K LOVES his bear! (pictured below)
Favorite Activities - Running, Reading, Playing Pretend, Going to Gym Class, Playing with his Friends, Roughhousing with Daddy, Snuggling with Mama, Taking Baths, Running Around Naked

This month, K attended a lot of fun events! There was Halloween of course, and all the fun that came with that. My little lion got a great run out of his first official costume. We went to a Halloween party at his gym class, a big Halloween event with friends at a local park where he got to trick or treat, a trick or treat event through our town, and he even went out REAL trick or treating with his girlfriend Olivia on the night of! They actually went door to door, chose pieces of candy, and said their forms of thank you! It was adorable. I'm so glad that we took them. We also celebrated Macon (Kingston's great grandmother)'s 80th birthday! Kingston got to ride in his very first limo. He honestly didn't know what to think. We forward faced him in his car seat for the 6 minute car ride (the restaurant was literally down the street) and he sat there staring so seriously at all of his. It was hilarious. He couldn't seem to figure out what was going on. We also started a Baby Book Club this past month! We had four of Kingston's little friends and their Mamas over to read a book, do a craft, and have a related snack. It was so much fun, and we are excited to meet for Baby Book Club every month! To read that post click HERE. Other than those three big events, we had a bunch of playdates, a couple with new friends and a lot with our regular buds. It has been a fun month for sure!

Kingston has started to get really into movies. He loves snuggling and will intently watch movies with us. This month we watched a few. One of the most memorable was Monsters University. We all snuggled on the couch to watch while Kingston cuddled his Plush Mike Wazowski. K was smitten. He laughed at the funny parts, clapped his hands, and actually retained some information. How do I know this? The next day, Kingston's favorite activity was running around the house with his arms raised going "RAWR!" .. my little scarer! He stills does it. Seriously, adorable! 

Physically, K is literally running wild. He is constantly going from dawn to dusk (and by dawn.. I really mean DAWN!) He now runs, climbs, and has been perfecting his jumping skills. He is intent on jumping, and tries half the day. At gym class, he has started to jump on the trampoline independently! This kid is unbelievably strong. If he doesn't want to do something, I'm in for it. Case in point - diaper changes. Mama is getting some great muscle workouts! Especially now that he prefers being naked. He constantly tries to break free of diaper changes, so that he can run around the house in the buff. Silly little monkey! He loves doing flips, standing on his hands, hanging upside down, and pretty much anything that involves being a daredevil. When he is not destroying the house, he is helping out. He loves to give the puppy his treats. He reaches in , picks a treat from the bucket (practicing those fine motor skills), and gives one to the dog. Then he claps. It is pure adorableness! 

This month, Kingston had his first ear infection. It came at the tail end of a cold that lasted a month. One morning he woke up seemingly better from his cold, and the next he was a miserable, feverish, sad little mess. The pediatrician confirmed that he had an infection in his right ear. Poor muffin! After a day of antibiotics though he was doing a lot better. It was 100% cleared up within the week. 

Communication wise this week, he continues to progress in leaps and bounds! He pretty much completely communicates now. There is hardly a moment when I don't know what he needs or wants. His new signs for the month are: please, thank you, I'm sorry, apple, hat, nice, wash hands, and choo choo. Please and thank you were some really big ones for us. He now says them without even having to be prompted a lot of the time. He generally always adds a please onto any sign command. Such a polite boy! He still needs to be prompted to say "I'm sorry", but is picking it up really fast. He also now blows kisses, always when prompted, but also on a whim whenever he wants! It is really sweet to catch his eye in the rearview mirror and have him blow me a kiss. He does "peek-a-boo" constantly too. When he wants milk or to go to sleep, we have big and elaborate sign exchanges and rituals. For example, when he wants to nurse, he will sign "milk please" then he will climb in my lap, move my hair out of the way, pat my chest, and lay his head down. To sleep, he will sign "sleep please", lay his head down on me, then blow kisses and/or give kisses to everyone in the room before we make our way to the nursery. He is too cute! He also communicates "no, no, no" whenever he doesn't want to do something by shaking his head and saying "na, na, na". For new words this month, he says "Glam*Ma", "Grumpy" (papa), SANTA, duck, he does the sounds and actions of an elephant, and for the most part is repeating or attempting to repeat anything you ask him. He knows all of his body parts, a lot of his animals and corresponding sounds, all of his family members by sight and name, and he is learning more and more everyday. He can retrieve just about ANY toy I ask him to and can follow long commands. He is also working on his shapes and colors. He says "blue", and can sort most of his shapes in his shape sorter. It's difficult to even remember or list everything because there is so much more he has learned/is learning to do. I love watching him learn and develop. 

Kingston has been sleeping pretty amazing this month (besides a couple nights of teething that were rough)! He has pretty much slept through the night or got up just once every night this month. He has attached himself to his teddy bear finally after months of my attempts to get him to attach to some kind of lovey. Several times he has used his bear to put himself back to sleep, but he also uses it to calm himself down. I'm not sure if the bear is contributing to his sleeping better, or if our method of WIO (waiting it out) has just taught him to be a secure sleeper, but things are definitely looking up! We are also still nursing and going strong. He nurses about 5-6 times in a 24 hour period. When he isn't nursing, he drinks a little bit of almond milk or water. He has still yet to have any other animal milk besides mama's milk! 

This coming month is going to be a seriously fun one!! :) We are so excited for the upcoming holidays!

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