Nov 1, 2013

Mommy and Baby Favorites September-October

It's that time again! We have a lot of new favorites (mostly all baby favorites this time around!) to share with you. This is the last official "Mommy and Baby Favorites" update. Next month (or two) I will be sharing "Mommy and Toddler Favorites"! My big boy is growing up. Here is what he has been enjoying as he transitions into toddlerhood!

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Little Tikes Cozy Truck - We gave Kingston this truck for his birthday! I've mentioned it a couple times before. He loves it, as do his friends!! Everybody is always fighting to get a turn in the Cozy Truck. I love so many things about the Cozy Truck. It is realistic, has a really fun truckbed and tailgate to put things in that also doubles as a seat, a fun realistic horn, and a floor attachment to put in the bottom for little guys so that they don't fall through. We have the floor attachment in currently and it is great. Kingston climbs in whenever he wants, plays, and hangs out! This was an awesome purchase, and I'm so glad that we got it. 

Megabloks CAT 3in1 Ride On Truck - This was a gift that Kingston got for his birthday from our friends. He literally LOVES this thing!! He rides on it multiple times a day, pushes it, pushes the buttons, etc. We even took it to our most recent photoshoot and lucked out to take picture on it in front of the real version. This toy also comes with a box of megabloks, but we haven't used those yet. I would definitely recommend this fun little truck as a ride on. It is easy to maneuver and just plain adorable! Also, it is compact enough that we can even travel with it to the Glamparents.

Fisher-Price Lil' Zoomers Spinnin' Sounds Speedway - Kingston loves loves loves this toy!! Our friend gave this to us before Kingston was born and we put it away until recently. Both K and Todd can't get enough of it. They sit and play with it over and over. It's definitely loud, but it has different volume settings and holds little ones attentions for awhile. It comes with multiple fun little cars and trucks to zoom down the ramp. Also, just about anything can be put down the ramp, which Kingston figured out pretty quickly. His most favorite thing to do with this toy (though I wouldn't recommend doing so) is sitting in it and pressing the spinning button. It doesn't spin him since he is too heavy, but it lights up and the sound flashes. It is a seriously fun toy!

Fisher-Price Little People Zoo Talkers Animal Sounds Zoo - This is hands down Kingston's FAVORITE toy!! He is OBSESSED! He honestly plays with it pretty much half the day. It is so fun to see that he really interacts with it. He moves the animals to all the different locations, presses all of the buttons, and makes some animal noises. His favorite animal that he has is the lion. I am looking into getting him a couple more for his stocking even though I'm supposed to be DONE shopping! This is the best Little Peoples toy by far. I think every child should have one. We were lucky to be given this one by some awesome friends! Kingston loves it.

Moo Baa La La La - by Sandra Boynton has been a staple in our house these past couple of months. He thinks it is so funny. I like to read the story in a french man's accent. Not sure why, but I find it necessary! It is such a straightforward and fun book. It is so great for teaching your little one basic animal sounds! If I had to choose one Sandra Boynton book, this would be it.

Teddy Bear Plush Toy 40"  - Kingston loves his giant teddy bear. He hugs him and snuggles him a few times a day. At night time, he likes to curl up with his arms around his neck for a good snuggle. This bear is almost as tall as me, and is super fuzzy! When we first got it, I was horrified that I now had this giant floor taker upper that would never get any use, but K has proven his love for it time and time again! He loves his bear. 

VTech - Pull and Learn Car Carrier - This car carrier is super fun! Kingston learned quickly how to push the car up the different ramps. He also takes his Chuck and Friends mini trucks and push them up the ramp. The songs are super catchy, though a bit annoying, and I find myself singing them constantly. This is a cute truck though, and K loves it.

Chuggington - This is the new show that Kingston really likes lately. He recently started loving trains and motions "choo choo" whenever he sees one! I really like this show too. It is so cute!

VTech - Tote & Go Laptop with Web Connect - This laptop rocks!! There are 50 different learning games you can play. Though the screen is a bit old school, it is perfect for a young child. I have even sat down and played them multiple times. Kingston loves turning the screen on and off, playing with the mouse, and tapping the keyboard. He likes to pretend he is blogging with Mama!

Trains Board Book - Kingston loves this book SO much, that we now keep it in the car for him to read en route. I've read it so many times to him that I know it my heart and can read it to him as he flips the pages in the back seat! He loves it. It seems to instantly calm him down. He stares intently at each page and loves when I say "ALL ABOARD!"

My First Things That Go Board Book - K loves this book too! He seems to be really into anything about trucks, cars, trains, planes, etc. He wants me to point to every object and gets really excited when we get to the train page.

Little Blue Truck Board Book- Both Kingston and I love this book! He loves it because it juxtaposes his two favorite things: vehicles and farm animals! I love it because the pictures are beautiful, the storyline is awesome, and the text is great. I love the way it flows. K will sit intently and listen to the whole thing. This is such an awesome book! I bought him the sequel for Christmas.

Down on the Farm - This is another book that Kingston loves. The farm animals and all the different sounds really excite him. I love the flow of the text! He loves the rhythm and pays close attention to it. He loves to "MOO" when he sees the cow and says "PUP" when he sees the dog! This is such a cute book that could also double as a bedtime book.

The one Mommy favorite that I've had for the past couple months is this Kirkland Signature Roasted Seasoned Seaweed! It's yummy, low cal, and a superfood! Kingston even likes this.

Interested in seeing more favorites? Check out our favorites archives and stay tuned for next month!

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