Dec 9, 2013

Establishing Family Traditions: Elf Holiday Gifts

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We are having such fun establishing Christmas traditions this year! (Interested in checking out the first post in this series? Visit our Christmas Book Advent post!) Another Christmas tradition that we came up with this year, has to do with everyone's favorite elf friend, The Elf on the Shelf. We have decided that every year, our elf will arrive with holiday themed goodies that our kids can use for the entire month of December. I love the idea of getting pajamas and such on Christmas Eve, and will most likely make a Christmas Eve box too in a couple year, but what I like even more is the thought of my kids getting as much use out of holiday themed items as possible. Enter: the Elf who brings holiday gifts the day after Thanksgiving. This year we went all out as there are no holiday themed, child items in our home. In the following years, I imagine each child getting a couple pairs of holiday pjs, a holiday stuffed animal/toy/puzzle etc, maybe a holiday themed coloring book and a kid related Christmas decoration. You get the idea, just pure holiday kid fun! This year, we haven't introduced The Elf on the Shelf yet, so we just "told him" that the magical Christmas Elf from the North Pole brought him some treats. He could have cared less of course, but it was fun for us! ;)

Each year, the gifts will be wrapped in the same Santa wrapping paper. I purchased a ginormous roll at Costco, and since our kids will only ever receive one Santa gift each year (besides these ones), I think it will pretty much stand the test of time. I have enough to last until they are teenagers! 

Kingston was really excited to see his stack of gifts waiting for him the day after Thanksgiving. I think Todd and I were even more excited to give them to him. It was definitely some good unwrapping practice for the big day! 

Here is what the magical North Pole Elf brought for Kingston: 

Elf on the Shelf Pajamas (Walmart)

Christmas Monster Pajamas (Walmart)

Blue Santa Pajamas  (Walmart)- I was seriously excited about these because it is SO hard to find pajamas that aren't RED on Christmas. Blue is the perfect accent color for Kingston's beautiful red hair.

Wall Mountable Felt Tree (Target) - I was planning on making my own felt tree for K, but time got away from me. So, I picked this one up at Target for $10. It is pretty cheesy, and I will have to replace half of the ornaments next year and most likely sew another felt tree to it for more stability, but it has been fun for K to use.

Rudolph Plates ($1.99 at Hannaford in the holiday aisle)

Dino Dan: Twas a Dinosaur - I purchased a few Dino Dan DVDs on super after Christmas clearance last year and tucked them away for when Kingston was older. However, Dino Dan was on the other day, and just for fun I dvred it. Well, K LOVED it. He was obsessed with each dinosaur and couldn't get enough of them. So, I figured I would give him this Christmas themed one early and see how he liked it. He loves it!! 

Webkinz Reindeer (Amazon) - I got this adorable reindeer on Amazon. It is so well made and so soft and huggable. K loves it and carries it around the house with him. It is the Webkinz brand, so it could be more interactive for an older child!

And the piece de resistance: 

Fisher Price Little People North Pole Cottage - I have literally been eyeing this every year since it came out! This gift was moreso for every child that will come into the family. It will come out every year at the beginning of the month to be played with by all the kids. I love it. It is seriously the cutest thing ever. It plays multiple Christmas songs, the tree lights up, there are four adorable Little People holiday characters (Santa, Mrs. Clause, Elf, and their puppy) and it makes a bunch of fun sounds and holiday noises. Kingston was blown away by it when he opened it. He couldn't get into it fast enough. Since then, he has played with it multiple times a day every day!

This was so much fun, and I am excited to continue this tradition every year. He has gotten SO much use out of every item, and everything will be used for years to come. (Even the pajamas which we will save for future children!) 

What unique holiday traditions do you celebrate with your family?

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