Dec 3, 2013

Fine Motor Mosaic Tree

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So we have gone a bit Christmas tree crazy around her! After putting our tree up this weekend, it seems to be the center of our entire day. Kingston is a crazed boy trying to get at it (we unfortunately had to put a doggie fence around it (the little bone shaped windows compliment our gorgeous tree just beautifully .. boy how times have changed!), and he is in awe of the ornaments and the lights. So, I thought it only right to do a few tree crafts. Notice the name of this post isn't "Fine Motor Mosaic CHRISTMAS Tree"? Well, though this tree is hanging with our holiday decorations, I definitely think it could be an ANYTIME tree! 

Here's what you will need to make it: 

Clear Contact Paper - Cut 2 large rectangles
Green Tissue Paper or Green Napkins (We used green napkins which provided added texture and made the greenery more interesting)
White Cardstock and Brown Sharpie (or you could make life easier and use Brown Construction Paper. I like to spice things up and make things as difficult as possible. I must admit, I did like the added detail of the colored in trunk. If that is up your alley though, construction paper it up!)
Green Ribbon (You can use fancier ribbon than this! . . . whatever you have on hand will work!)
Glue <--- This is my favorite glue EVER. 

I taped a piece of contact paper, sticky side up to K's high chair. I cut a bunch of green squares out of the napkins and placed them in a big pile in the center of the contact paper. Kingston examined the squares for a little bit and then got to work sticking them down. 

This is a great activity for working those fine motor skills, and also doubles as a sensory activity. K had a great time patting the papers down, trying to peel them back off the contact paper, and filling the whole page with a sea of green. We talked about the Christmas tree and the color green why he worked. 

Our pal Livvy was here to join in the fun also!! She loved this activity too. She was very serious about the task at hand, and worked diligently covering the contact paper. 

This craft got two thumbs up from the toddlers! At 14 months and 15 months, they both thought it was great. Every time I asked them if they were "all done", they would shake their head no or keep working. 

After they were finished, I cut out a tree shape freehand. Then, I punched a hole in the top and used the ribbon to make a hanger. I double knotted the ribbon first and then created a loop and double knotted it again. This formed a loop to hang the tree with. Then, I cut a small rectangle out of white cardstock and used a brown sharpie to color in the stump on both sides. Then I put a dab of glue on the of each side of the stump and inserted it in between both pieces of contact paper at the bottom of the tree. 

The last step was to hang it up in a bright window! I love the way it looks. We made two trees, both one of a kind and delightful. Livvy took her tree home, and K's is hanging in our front window. It is about 14 inches tall and adorable. I'm going to officially add it to our Christmas decorations. I can't wait to hang it up every year! 

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  1. so much fun!!! love this activity:-)

  2. Tried this with our 15 month old twins last weekend using red paper napkins and I later cut out santa shapes. They had more fun ripping the paper than sticking it down, but they enjoyed it!

    1. That is amazing Cheryl! Sounds like a ton of fun! :)