Dec 13, 2013

Tape Resist Christmas Stocking

I love personalized stockings! Every time I see them in catalogs or at the store, I debate whether I should get some. However, since our family is so new and we still plan on adding many more children, I always hesitate on purchasing three of the same stockings and not being able to find ones for subsequent children. As a child, my mother made our stockings and they were very special to us. Since we didn't have a fireplace, they only came out on Christmas Eve/Christmas morning. I decided that I would make all of our kids stockings early on and personalize them myself. Since I have yet to fully finish K's stocking, I figured I would help him make a personalized stocking of his own! What better way to make a personalized stocking than with tape resist, one of our favorite mediums for painting with babies and toddlers! 

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For this project, you will need:

White Cardstock
Washable Red Paint
Masking Tape

I created a "K" using the masking tape on the cardstock. Obviously letters that are not rounded are the easiest initials to create, but I've created circular letters with tape also. It just takes a little bit more time and effort!

Kingston was really excited to get to painting! I pointed out the stockings we have hanging from the mantle (fancy "show" stockings!) and explained to him what he was painting. We talked about what a stocking holds and how much fun it would be to open all of his presents on Christmas morning. We also talked about the color red and pointed out various red holiday objects around the house!

He was very intrigued by the tape "K", and he traced it repeatedly as I told him what it was. I explained to him that "K is for Kingston". He used his index finger to outline the letter as I talked. 

He did a lot of painting with his index finger during this project. Typically, he paints with full motion swipes and pats, but he did a lot of pointing and dragging of the paint around the cardstock.

After the painting dried completely, I cut out a stocking shape and removed the masking tape. 

I think our stocking came out adorable! You could make them in all different holiday colors for each family member. I want to have each child make their own to add to the collection every year!

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