Dec 10, 2013

Tape Resist Ornament Garland

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It wouldn't be a holiday at House of Burke without a little bit of tape resist art! It is our go-to for making fun baby/toddler art. I have a lot of tape resist in mind for the holidays, but I wanted to start with some pretty decorations to don our big window next to the Christmas tree. This craft is so simple, but so festive. It is appropriate for super little ones also!

What you will need: 

Green Washable Paint
Red Washable Paint
Yellow Washable Paint
White Cardstock
Green Ribbon (or any holiday color of your choosing)
Masking Tape
Hole Punch


I took 3 pieces of white cardstock and used the masking tape to stripe the paper. Using the overlap of the tape, I taped it down for Kingston. We painted with yellow, red, and green. Yes, I realized after the fact that maybe that was a bit traffic light-ish, but I love it nonetheless. You could just stick with red and green or do a combination. Or you could totally switch it up and paint them all blue for a fun Hanukkah garland, orange and black for a Halloween garland, red and pink for Valentine's Day .. well, you get the idea. This project is VERY versatile!

When your little one is finished painting, let the painting dry completely. 

Once the paint was dry, I carefully removed the masking tape. Then, I used the inside of the masking tape to trace a circular pattern which I then used to cut out as many ornaments as I could fit on the paper. We used smaller cardstock, so we could only get four per painting. If you used regular cardstock, you could make a much larger banner!

Then I used a hole punch to punch holes in the top of each ornament, and then strung them onto the ribbon. The ribbon I had on hand was bit wide. I may restring onto a thinner ribbon next year. Then I hung the garland above the window. I love how it turned out, even if the color combo is a bit transportation themed. I plan on putting it up every year!

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