Jan 6, 2014

Baby Book Club - December: The Mitten

Our first meeting of Baby Book Club in November was a huge hit. So much so, that we were all so excited for the December meeting of BBC. That was until Kingston came down with a yucky case of croup. What was supposed to be a meeting on the first Friday of the month turned into the third! By that point we were all itching for some Baby Book Club fun! This month, we read The Mitten by Jan Brett.

We had 4 participating kiddos at this meeting and one new little honorary member, the 2 month old brother of one of the toddlers! The reading of the mitten this time around was a bit of a disaster. The tots were NOT into it. So, we just let them play as I finished reading it. If you haven't read The Mitten before, it is the delightful story of a little boy who asks his Baba to knit him a pair of snow white mittens. She warns him that they could get lost in the snow, but he insists anyways. One mitten does in fact get lost in the snow and a plethora of animals make it their temporary home. You will have to read it to find out what happens, but it is a sweet little tale. 

After we read the story, we sat all the babes down in their portable high chairs to do their craft. I decided to do a fun process art activity that I used to do a lot with my daycare kiddos, Painting with Mittens! Each toddler donned a pair of mittens on their hands and went to town creating a beautiful painting. 

It was so funny watching their faces exploring the paint! Some of the mittens (or socks!) didn't last very long, but it was definitely a fun process! 

For our snack, I had made sugar cookies cut into the shape of mittens. I was seriously psyched to find the perfect mitten cookie cutter from my childhood! We gave each toddler a plastic safety knife and let them spread white frosting on their cookies.

None of the kids have ever had much sugar before, so it was quite entertaining watching their expressions and seeing who liked them! 

I've never seen my kid eat something so fast in his life! I was pretty shocked at how much he loved it as he is not generally a big sugar eater. The little munchkin who barely touched his birthday cake was in LOVE with his mitten sugar cookie!! 

Livvy preferred the Veggie Straws  that the Mamas were eating as our snack! 

L ate all the frosting off the top of his!

D was a definite fan!

After our snacks, we got everyone cleaned up and let everyone play! They all got along so well and had a great time interacting while the Mamas chatted. All in all, it was another successful Baby Book Club! Stay tuned for the next book we will be reading: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

You can read about last month's Baby Book Club meeting here: November - Jamberry.

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  1. ahhh these kiddos are too cute! Awesome post Blayne!

  2. Love the painting activity! Those cookies look yummy too:)

    1. Thanks Jaime!! The mitten painting was really fun, and I must say the cookies were scrumptious! :)