Jan 17, 2014

Fine Motor Heart Stamping - Fine Motor Fridays

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I am so excited to be joining the amazing bloggers of Fine Motor Fridays to bring you fun fine motor activities and crafts every week! 

This week, we did a really simple fine motor stamping craft! We are really starting to get into the Valentine's Day spirit over here, and I wanted K to make some pretty V-Day art to decorate our walls. 

What you will need:

Sponge - cut into a heart shape

After cutting out my sponge, I created our paint palette full of all of our festive colors. Because I was doing this project with two toddlers, I was the official "paint dipper". However, older kids could be in charge of that themselves! 

I sat Kingston down and showed him the heart stamp. We have been learning our shapes lately and hearts are one of his favorites! I modeled how to stamp it and then let him have it. The stamp was a bit flimsy and with the paint on it, it was a bit slippery. He exercised his fine motor skills trying to grasp the heart and make a print. 

Livvy joined in the stamping too! 

We stamped for a bit, then he began using his fingers to smear the paint around. 

At this point, it started to get like Stamps Gone Wild. I could tell that K wanted to full out paint using the stamps, so I removed his pretty heart picture and replaced it with a new piece of paper. 

He painted two full pieces with beautiful Valentine's Day colors (to be turned into something else later!) 
and was really into holding the heart stamp! 

I really love how the kids' pictures came out. You can definitely tell they came from a toddler's heart!

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  1. So cute! Look at those little hands a workin'! Thanks for hopping aboard the FMF train!

    1. Thank you Laura!! I'm so psyched to be part of it!! :)

  2. What fun Valentine's these would make - and no two would be the same! Looks like some messy fun! (And welcome to Fine Motor Fridays!)

    1. Thank you Emma! I am planning on turning the 2 second pictures into just that for an activity next week!! :) Thanks for the warm welcome!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Dyan! :) He will be sure to give it to a neglected grandparent! haha

  4. Good thinkin' to have YOU as the paint dipper; you would think after our messes I would have thought of that.... but, no! Although, pretty sure my 2 year old little miss independent would not like that ; ) Love the artwork!

    1. Thanks Kristina! :) haha If I had let these two 15 month olds dip, we would have had a painted plate, a painted counter, a painted high chair .. !! I love messy play, but for this one it was necessary! I bet your 2 year old is a much better paint dipper!