Jan 31, 2014

Fine Motor Shaving Cream Heart Dig

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Happy Fine Motor Fridays! This week, I set up a fun fine motor activity for K with a sensory component. We love shaving cream play. And when I say "we", I truly mean both of us. Pictures are snapped quickly so that I can roll up my sleeves and dive right in there with my little guy. For our fine motor component, I added the plastic hearts from our Counting and Sorting Activity

To replicate our shaving cream heart dig you will need: 

Plastic Heart Manipulatives 

I mixed the coloring in with the shaving cream, buried some of the hearts, and scattered the rest on top. The shaving cream made the plastic hearts slippery which allowed Kingston to practice his pincer grasp trying to pick them up and hold onto them. 

K never ceases to be weirded out by the texture of the shaving cream, but today he didn't care. He scooped up glopping handfuls as he dug for the hearts. 

He found it necessary to paint both himself and the floor with the pink shaving cream. Everything was pretty well covered by the time he was done! (Note: Shaving cream makes floors really slippery!) 

As K got better and better at grasping the hearts with his hands, I gave him a couple spoons so that he could utilize his fine motor skills further. He concentrated really hard as he tried to pick up the hearts with the spoon. 

Silly boy!

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  1. Isn't shaving cream awesome? We plan to play with some today and I'm going to add some gems I have to it. Thanks for the great idea!

    1. We love shaving cream!! He always ends up right in the bath afterwards. Hope you had fun with your activity! :)

  2. What a fun sensory experience! We love shaving foam activities!

  3. Looks like he enjoyed it! Good job! I'd say you did great at providing an age appropriate fine motor activity!

    1. Thanks Samantha! He really did enjoy it a lot! I want to do it again with other themed items! :)

  4. Awww! SO fun!
    I bet your floor is pretty clean right there now, too ; )
    I just bought some shaving cream for sensory play and we have those hearts, too. I am thinking my Tot will be all.over.this!

    1. haha It sure is!! We have used these hearts for so many things. Hope your tot had fun!

  5. What good, messy, fun! I bet my younger daughter would love this.