Jan 28, 2014

Kingston: 16 Months

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Kingston is 16 months! It has been two months since I've done a monthly update. Last month was the first time I missed it, and go figure he has changed the most in these past couple of months. He is a full blown running, jumping, climbing toddler. 

Kingston's Stats:

Height and Weight (as of a few weeks ago at his 15 month appointment) - 31 3/4 inches and 22 lbs 

Clothing Size - 12-18 and 18 months

Shoe Size - 4/5

Teeth - 5 and 6 is just about to poke through! He finally got more teeth. He seems to be working on the whole mouthful now.

Favorite Toys - VTech 2-in-1 Shop and Cook Playset (he plays with this half the day, every day!)Ikea Cirkustalt Children's Play Tent (all of his puppets and stuffed animals live in here and he loves snuggling with them), Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pound and Roll Tower (he loves beating this thing senseless.. it has huge dents in it!) ,Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker,  LEGO Duplo Building Set (he is really into Duplos now!!) and he is still loving all of his Little People stuff!

Favorite Activities: Reading, Dancing, Jumping on the Trampoline, Coloring and Painting, Learning Activities, Building Blocks, Playing in the Snow, Playdates, Playing Basketball

Favorite Food: STRING CHEESE, Tzatziki, Toast, Mama's Meatloaf, Grapes

Favorite Shows: Mickey Mouse, Doc McStuffins, Super Why!, Nina's Got to Go (he is obsessed with this short)

The events of the past couple months have been pretty exciting! Kingston had a phenomenal holiday season. His Christmas was out of this world and over the top. He loved opening all of his gifts, and he has loved playing with them even more! His New Years Eve was fun. We stayed in, had pizza, and a family dance party! It was a lovely holiday season. It definitely topped any holiday season we've ever had. His favorite gifts were his new Pottery Barn chair, his sled, and all of the toys mentioned above. He also went to Chuck E Cheese for the first time this month with his friend Livvy. We've had tons of play dates, Baby Book Club meetings, Panera dates, and activities over the past couple of months. We have definitely been keeping busy!

Physically over the past couple months, Kingston has gotten even more insanely strong! He is running all over the place. He also loves twirling and dancing his way around. He loves anything that involves an adrenaline rush - being chased, chasing people, jumping, being pulled around the house on a blanket, bouncing. He recently learned how to jump on the trampoline at gym class and can pretty much support his own weight on the pull up bar! He is now climbing up on the couch (which is giving us a bit heart attack). He is so crazy strong. He can hold his own body weight and literally can push me with just his leg muscles. He is desperate to scale the climbing wall at gym class, and he makes me try with him each time. He's getting better and better. He loves anything to do with physical activity!

Kingston started using the potty this month!! We got him the BABYBJORN Potty Chair, and he sits on it a few times a day. So far we have had one #2 success and tons of pees! He loves it, and I am so proud of him. We are going to start really training when it gets warmer. I think he will be trained well before 2! For now, he sits on the potty a couple times a day. We usually read the Little Blue Truck while he sits. Usually I will give him a little sticker just for sitting, and a big sticker if he goes. He is sticker OBSESSED now. He says "Stickah, STICKAH!" I have a stack of Doc McStuffins, Mickey Mouse, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates stickers on hand from the Dollar Tree, but he doesn't discriminate with his stickers. If it sticks, he loves it! 

This month, Kingston finally got to experience playing out in the snow. He LOVED it. In fact, he threw a tantrum when we tried to bring him in, so we stayed out until it got dark out. (Even then he cried for a half hour.. it was quite dramatic). He loves sledding. We could pull him anywhere in that thing. We picked up this Emsco Toboggan for him for Christmas at Toys R Us. It fits him perfectly, and he loves it! Daddy made a track for him in the backyard and had a blast racing him around. 

K battled his first stomach bug this past month. It was awful! Todd was working (at his regular job and plowing) so I was on my own. I've never seen so much vomit in my life. My poor little stinker. Thankfully, he ate small portions of applesauce and remained hydrated with breastmilk and water the entire time, so I didn't have to worry TOO much about dehydration. I was grateful that he didn't refuse hydration. Unfortunately both Todd and I got it also. It was quite an experience taking care of a sick toddler by myself while sick with the bug myself. But we made it through!

Kingston is saying SO much. It's pretty insane. He is now speaking over 50 words and signing over 30. He repeats EVERYTHING! Some new words he says are: football, cheese, hippo, purple, yellow, basketball, tractor, rainbow, star, brother, sister, flower, meow, blue, cracker, turtle and more. His words are really coming along! He can tell me when he wants breakfast (he says "BepPiss" and pushes his high chair out for me), he goes to his bedroom door when he needs a diaper, and he is always VERY clear on when he is ready for bed. His animal noises are getting more developed! He can now say the noises of: horse, dog, cat, cow, duck, sheep, snake, bear, lion, chicken, bird, and probably a few more. He's pretty awesome, and learning more and more everyday. 

He loves his puppy brother, and is learning how to "do gentle". This is a normal scene between them. K loves to gently pat him most of the time. Other times, he likes to attempt to jump on top of him and squish him into submission. (Don't worry, this never works. Krull's reflexes are way faster!)

He is sleeping decently. He is still waking up about once a night to nurse. He is still nursing. Any attempts to "wean" him are pretty laughable. He now says "boob boob boob" when he wants to nurse, and is still nursing about 4 times a day. 

I can't believe he is 16 months already! It's wild. He is such a funny little munchkin. I'm sure he will be doing even more exciting things next month! 

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