Jan 15, 2014

Salt Paint Recycled Cardboard Snowman

After the holidays, we had tons of cardboard boxes waiting to be recycled around the house. After a bit of wild Amazon Black Friday Lightning Deal action, I had more boxes than I knew what to do with. So, one of the things I did, was to cut out as many non-printed sections of the boxes as I could. Throughout the year, we will re-purpose these into different craft projects! The first project we did using the cardboard, was a project that I have done multiple times in my past life as an infant/toddler teacher. We made a Salt Paint Snowman!

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What you will need:

A piece of recycled cardboard 
White Washable Paint
Iodized Salt (or if you would like the texture to be more gritty, you could use Kosher Salt)
Googly Eyes
Construction Paper (you will need a piece of orange and a piece of black)
Black Marker

Before starting the project, we read Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner. We love these books! They are so magical and the pictures are gorgeous.  

Using the bottoms of a couple of candles and a bowl, I traced and cut a snowman shape out of the cardboard. Then I mixed up some salt paint by combining the white paint and salt. I continued to add salt until the texture of the paint was gritty between my fingertips. Then I spooned the paint onto the cardboard, and let Kingston fingerpaint. One of his favorite songs is "Frosty the Snowman", so while he painted I sang to him. 

He was mesmerized by the gritty texture, much like he was many months ago when we made our Sandpaint Seahorse and Starfish. (Side Note: Please make sure your little one doesn't have any cuts on their hands while painting with salt paint. Open wounds and salt do not mix well!) 

After he finished painting and the snowman dried, I cut out a simple little black hat, a tiny carrot nose, and drew on his mouth and some buttons with the black marker. The addition of some googly eyes completed the project. Once assembled, the little snowman was cute as a button. The texture of the dried salt paint perfectly resembles snow!

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  1. The salt in the paint must add a great texture to the finished product! We'll have to try that method! :)

    1. It sure does Emma! The end result almost seems like real snow! :)