Feb 18, 2014

3 Fun Balloon Crafts for Toddlers

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Over the past few days, we have been doing a bunch of fun toddler friendly balloon crafts! Our house is full of beautiful balloon artwork. 

The first craft we did was Painting with Balloons! 

For this project you will need:

White Cardstock
Washable Paint (We used blue and green)
Small Balloons (We ended up using 3 in various sizes and shapes!)

I didn't know just how fun this project would be OR just house gorgeous the paintings would come out! We started off with the first balloon and some blue paint. Kingston loved that it was small enough to fit in his hands. He squeezed it and blotted it on the paper.

What we weren't expecting was the balloon to pop! Kingston laughed and clapped, and I said "THE BALLOON POPPED" Kingston said "BOON POP!" So for us, this was a great language building activity. Once he was fixed up with the next balloon, we began noticing that different shaped balloons made different kinds of prints. The paint on the slippery balloon was difficult to hold onto (perfect for developing fine motor skills) and several times it slipped out of K's hands. There was paint everywhere, and we were hysterical! He had paint all over him, and so did I. My walls, floors, and furniture did too. Be aware that this is not for those who shy away from a mess. But it was an insanely good time! 

After our SECOND balloon popped, we started getting quite the lesson on colors. We switched our color balloon and the color we were painting with. Kingston was so into blotting the paint covered balloon on the paper. 

The finished product took my breath away. Dramatic I know, but seriously. They look like beautiful flower petals. 

I can't stop looking at the gorgeousness! 

The next project we did was a "Positive Affirmation Balloon Sticker Collage". 

For this project you will need: 

Circular Motivational Stickers (We got ours in a big pack of stickers from the Dollar Tree)
Crayons (or whatever you would like to use to draw the balloon strings)

Kingston is OBSESSED with stickers. He sticks them in sticker books, on himself, on me, and on any piece of paper he can find. He loves them. I recently purchased him some fun motivational stickers full of positive affirmations like "Good Job", "Great Idea", etc. I thought they would make a great balloon! 

K had a blast going through an entire sheet of stickers and working on his fine motor skills. I read each positive affirmation to him as I handed the stickers to him. He was so excited and clapped after he stuck down each one. 

When he was done, I used corresponding color crayons to attach balloon strings to each circular sticker. I love the look of it! 

For our last craft, we made Cookie Cutter Balloon Prints! 

For this project, you will need: 

I dipped the cookie cutter in the paint and Kingston used it to print circular balloon shapes on his paper. We talked about circles and balloons as he worked. He made sure to add some fingerpainted flair to his masterpiece! 

All of our balloon crafts were so much fun to do! K was super into all of them, and I must say that they look beautiful hanging up. Balloon week is a blast!

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