Feb 25, 2014

4 Simple and Fun St. Patrick's Day Paint Crafts

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We have been up to some really simple and fun St. Patrick's Day paint crafts over here lately!

For all 4 projects, all you need is:

A Paper Plate
3 Pieces of White Cardstock
Yellow Washable Paint
Green Washable Paint
Large Toddler Paintbrush
Large Foam Shamrocks (we got ours at the Dollar Tree!)
Access to a free online editing program and printer

The first project we did was my absolute favorite, and simple enough for even an infant to do! We made personalized leprechaun's gold. 


K doesn't use a paintbrush to paint very often, so he was very intrigued by it. Before he dipped it in the paint, he played with the bristles and also spent quite a bit of time brushing his hair with it. He had me in stitches as he gently combed his hair with the paintbrush! 

After he covered the entire plate in yellow paint, I went on the computer and pulled a recent picture up on Picmonkey.com. Using their free software, I cropped the picture to just show his face and tinted it yellow to match the coin. I printed it out and cut around his face. Then I glued his face to the plate and voila! 

The next project we did was a series of three projects in one. What started out as a simple process art project turned into multiple different things. We started out painting with a green foam shamrock. I dipped it in green paint and let K use it as a painting apparatus. 

First he dutifully examined the foam shamrock. He kept trying to stick it to the paper. I think he thought it was a foam sticker! Then he used it to paint his paper green. The finished result was a green painting with several shamrock prints. 

Then we did just that. We took another piece of paper and using a lot less paint, we made Shamrock Prints. Kingston explored the difference in prints between the flat foam shamrock and the raised texture of the glittery shamrock. They both made different kinds of prints on the paper. 

The last project we did was Shamrock Resist Art. I taped a shamrock to the center of the paper, and K painted green all around it. When it dried, we had an adorable white shamrock in the center of a sea of green. All of our paintings look so festive up on the window! 

Even though I couldn't get any good, still pics of K today, I can't resist doing a side by side of this year and last year: 


Oh my what a difference a year makes!! 

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