Feb 19, 2014

Balloon Print Crafts

We haven't done many print crafts recently, and since it is typically one of our favorite crafts to do, I felt that it was necessary to do some fun balloon themed ones! We did two balloon print crafts utilizing thumbprints and palm prints.

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For both of these print crafts you will need: 

White Cardstock
Small Ink Pads in Various Colors (We love the Studio G ink pads from Walmart the best!)
Markers / Crayons

The first print craft we did was the Thumbprint Balloons. I've seen this idea done for Birthday party guestbooks and Wedding guestbooks with the various guests making the prints as a keepsake, but I figured why not use Kingston's adorable little thumbs instead! 

We used a bunch of different colors to create his little thumbprint balloons. Generally he isn't very involved in print crafts. He holds out his hand or foot and I go about making something lovely with them. But now that he is older, he was very into it. He helped me pick colors, told me which colors he wanted to use when, and helped to press his thumb down on the page. After each color, I simply cleaned the ink off of his hand with a baby wipe. It's like magic!

He also cheesed it up a bit for the camera! 


When he was finished, I used a marker to draw strings and tie the balloons together. 

The second print craft we did is seriously adorable. I can't stop looking at them. After we did our thumbprint craft, I kept brainstorming what other body parts we could print to make a circle. Then it hit me, the palm! So, using our little circular ink pads, I inked up Kingston's palm and he made two sets of delightful Balloon Palm Prints.

He did one set of purple and lime green, and one set of turquoise and rust red (my favorite balloon color combo). I love that you can see all of the little lines and indents of his hands. In real life they are so detailed. That is why I will only work with ink when we do print crafts. The details that come out are too precious to miss! After he finished, I drew matching colored strings with crayons. 

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