Feb 26, 2014

Classic Leprechaun Print Crafts

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Kingston made these funny little leprechaun print crafts this week, and I think they are pretty silly and cute. 

To make them you will need: 

White Cardstock
Orange Inkpad
Green Inkpad
Peach Washable Paint

To make his handprint, I painted his palm with peach paint and inked his fingers orange. Then I added a green hat, some facial features, and some hair.

To make his footprint, I inked the bottom of his foot green, the middle of his foot orange, and then painted the top of his foot with peach paint. Once dry, I added a green hat, facial features, and hair.

These are a super cute and simple St. Patrick's Day keepsakes that you can make in a few minutes with your little one!

And since I didn't get any pictures of Kingston making these, here is a cute video of his new favorite word!

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