Feb 20, 2014

Color Sorting Balloon Felt Board

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For our activity today, I made Kingston a Color Sorting Balloon Felt Board! It only took me about 15 minutes, and we will be able to keep it as a "busy" activity and enrichment forever. 

To make the felt board, I used: 

Assorted Colored Felt
Two-Temp Glue Gun (I have this one and absolutely LOVE it!)
Black Permanent Marker

I used felt leftover from a quiet book that I made Kingston for Christmas, so I didn't have the perfect colors that I would have liked to use. However, I'm still happy with how it came out. I freehanded the balloons and cut out two of each color. One set I glued down to the page and the other is loose for K to match.

K went right to work peeling the top layer of colored balloons off.

We talked about all of the colors of the balloons and he worked on matching them up.  He was able to identify both blue and purple when asked! This was not only a great learning activity, but also great for building hand eye coordination skills.

He then discovered the second layer of glued on balloons and desperately tried to take them off. This resulted in him becoming frustrated, but I think that this will be an activity that we can come back to often to work on his color matching skills. 

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