Feb 24, 2014

Rainbow Shaving Cream Gold Coin Dig

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We are learning about St. Patrick's Day this week in Toddler Homeschool! Our first activity of the week was crazy fun and incredibly MESSY. I whipped up a Rainbow Shaving Cream Gold Coin Dig for K to explore.

 I picked up some plastic gold coins at the local craft store and put them at the bottom of a baking dish. I created the shaving cream rainbow by mixing food coloring in separate batches of shaving cream and spreading the it into sections on top of the gold coins. I am absolutely in love with how it looked!

Kingston was really excited when I showed it to him. We pointed out each of the colors of the rainbow. Instead of digging in, he looked at me and said "oh? oh!", and just pointed. 

He was hesitant to touch the shaving cream, so I gave him a wooden spoon and he was very excited to dig in!

As he stirred the colors, he created a gorgeous tie dye effect! 

As he dug around and swirled the colors, he began to notice the gold coins at the bottom. He got really excited to see them shining through all of the colors. He looked at me questioningly, and I explained what they were and that he had to dig them out. He went to work freeing them from the shaving cream!

Once he got the coins out, he was absolutely obsessed with them. I gave him paper towels to wipe them off, and he sat examining them intently. 

He managed to dig a few more coins out before Glam*Ma and Grumpy came over. 

Then it was messy, shaving cream hugs for all!! I do have to note, that using food coloring for recipes like this makes the activity extra messy! It has been two days and K still has some food coloring on his arms, legs, and toes. So, this isn't an activity you want to do before a family photoshoot or big event! Regardless, it was really fun, and Kingston loved it! 

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