Feb 22, 2014

Toddler Homeschool: Balloon Theme Wrap Up

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This weeks Balloon theme has been super fun! We have done some wonderful activities and crafts. In case you missed it, here is what we did:

Contact Paper Balloon Craft - Kingston made a balloon out of balloons in this contact paper craft!
3 Fun Balloon Crafts for Toddlers - K painted with balloons, made a Positive Affirmation Sticker Collage, and made balloon prints using a circle cookie cutter.
Balloon Print Crafts - K made thumbprint balloons and palm print balloons.
Color Sorting Balloon Felt Board - I made a fun and easy felt board for Kingston to practice his color matching with.
Personalized Hot Air Balloon Contact Paper Craft - K did two contact paper craft in one with this fun activity.

K also colored pictures of balloons and hot air balloons, worked on his paint with water skills, and worked on his fine motor sticker skills by completing this entire book: Funny Faces Robots Sticker & Coloring Book 

We watched Donald's Big Balloon Race and this Balloon Song Youtube video. 

We read tons of books this week, and I made sure to point out any balloons when we saw them. Some of our favorite reads that had balloons in them (hot air or regular) were: Tabbed Board Books: My First Colors , Tabbed Board Books: My First Words, and Big Board First 100 Machines (Bright Baby)

Every month we focus on a different color. This month was the color red (for obvious Valentine-y reasons). We did some red activities this week also. Kingston had his first official experience with one to one correspondence. We used a muffin tin to sort red pom poms . At first he tried to stuff a bunch into each compartment, but once I explained to him that only one pom pom could go in each compartment he caught on quickly. He was really into it. We talked about the color red, the circular shape of the pom poms, and that they looked like balloons. He sorted them about ten times before we moved on to the next activity. 

We did another counting activity with the red pom poms next. As Kingston dropped each pom pom in we counted them, then he would dumped them out and start again. He did this for so long that I had to refrain myself from moving him onto the next activity! I let him count and sort for as long as he wanted. 

The last activity we did with the color red was play with our red wooden magnetic shapes. These came in a pack of all different colors from the Dollar Tree. They were an awesome find! K examined each shape and we talked about what they were. He arranged them to make abstract pictures. 

K worked on learning his letters with his magnetic Imaginarium Letters and a cookie sheet. We spelled some of his favorite words, including "balloon" of course! We talked about word families and practiced changing the first letter of words like "cat", "bat", "mat" etc. He was very interested in learning and talking about his letters. 

At the beginning of the week, we did a lot of gross motor activities with balloons. Kingston practiced kicking , throwing, catching, and keeping the balloon off the ground. We played with them until K started breaking out into a rash, and I quickly realized that he seems to unfortunately have a latex allergy. After that we had to discontinue any use of latex balloons throughout the rest of the week which did cancel out a few of our activities. All in all though, K had a great week full of fun and learning! 

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