Mar 19, 2014

Bluum Box Review - 18 Months

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We were so excited to receive our very first Bluum Box in the mail today. Kingston received the 18 month box, which is perfect because he will be 18 months in just 2 days (is that really possible?!). Bluum Box is a monthly subscription box for pregnancy-pre-k! They are curated specifically for your child's age, and also typically include a mommy item too. The boxes range in price from $21-$24.95 a month depending on how many months you buy. If you are interested in signing up for a Bluum Box, you can click my referral link and get your first box 50% off! 

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the 18 month box, to see it packed with goodies! Here is what we received in the box along with the lowest retail prices that I could find: 

Simple First Sounds Noisy Zoo - $8.99 - I was really excited to see this because I knew Kingston was going to love it. He loves animals, and we don't own any of these sound books! The book itself is very fun and informative. It focuses on the four animals pictured on the side. K loved pressing the buttons so much! He especially loved pressing them with his toes. 

BeginAgain PushArounds Dog - $13.00 - This little wooden push dog looked like a young baby toy, but it is geared towards ages 18months+. This is one of the reasons why I chose to sign up for this subscription box. I would have never chosen this toy on my own, but Kingston ended up LOVING it. It was his favorite item in the box by far. Now that I think about it, it makes sense since it combines two of his favorite things: dogs and cars. He pushed it around all afternoon.

BeginAgain BuddyBlocks - Backyard Animals - $12.16 - These blocks are really good quality! They are from the same company as the push toy, and are made out of rubberwood, the same material. At first, I just thought this was a set of four blocks, which is fine, but not that exciting. However, this is actually four picture puzzles as well. It will be an awesome tool when we study forest animals (there is a squirrel, fox, skunk, and frog), and will be fun for Kingston to stack and put together. He was just mildly interested in them when he opened them, but he will definitely use them at some point.

Ella's Kitchen Peaches + Bananas - $1.88 and Ella's Kitchen Pears Peas + Broccoli $1.88 - Now some people may have been disappointed at receiving pouches (ages 4 months and up) for their 18 month old, however, Kingston loves pouches. He eats them like applesauce, and it is a quick way for me to get some extra veggies in him when we are out and about. He sucked the peaches & bananas down before we could finish unpacking his box!

Now this is where a bit of disappointment set in. Instead of receiving a mommy item or another AGE APPROPRIATE item, we received this:

Hello Baby: High Contrast Book - $5.39. Okay so this is a board book with high contrast pictures and no words geared towards a newborn 0-6 months. Honestly, I don't even think Kingston would have been that interested in this right out of the womb, but now at 18 months old, he took it out of the box all excited, opened the cover, and looked at me with a huge disappointed look before tossing it aside. I'm not sure how this ended up in our box, but I have contacted Bluum directly for a replacement product, and will keep you posted on their response. If they send me the replacement product like they should, then I will honestly be able to say that I am incredibly happy with this subscription box. I'm hoping that their customer service pulls through!

Edit: Bluum responded promptly to my concerns, and let me know that they will be sending a replacement product out with our April box! I am very happy with their customer service so far.

EDIT EDIT!: I am absolutely thrilled to say that I received our replacement item. It did NOT come in our April box, but they did send it separately once they realized their mistake.

First Concepts Colors - $8.09 - This book is awesome! It has all kinds of lift the flaps, slides, and interactive pictures. Kingston loves it!

Here are some pictures of Kingston enjoying his first Bluum box!

Was it worth it?

As my introductory box, this was half off. With a 6 month subscription, this first box cost about $11. The total price of the products in this box (taking into account the lowest possible prices I could find) was about $44.00. So, yes, it was definitely worth it! Kingston was very happy with his box, and so was I (minus the newborn book he received). I am hoping that we are sent a replacement, and that next month is free of any mistakes.

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What did you get in your Bluum box this month? Were you happy with it?

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  1. Have you tried Citrus Lane? Is there a reason why you chose Bluum over other companies?

    1. We are subscribed to Citrus Lane and will receive our first box this month! I will definitely be doing a review and comparing my experience of both. I chose Bluum first over any other company because after doing research and watching unboxings, I was much more impressed with the contents within Bluum than I was in any other boxes. So far, we love them and can't wait to receive our next box!