Mar 11, 2014

Paper Plate Pets

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I recently bought a set of Do A Dot Art Markers for Kingston to use in our art projects. When that package arrived in the mail, K couldn't wait to get his hands on them! They are so fun for practicing fine motor skills and hand eye coordination, while making some fancy art. Since we love crafting with paper plates, I thought it would be fun for Kingston to create a set of paper plate pets. He made the birds and snake using his new markers, but he couldn't resist using a little fingerpaint for his puppy!

To make a set of paper plate pets of your own, you will need: 
Paintbrush (or your little one can use their fingers!)

Kingston did created the birds and snake first. He was so fascinated by the markers. It took him a little bit to figure out how to hold them and stamp them with enough force to get the paint onto the plate. He also used a lot of swiping motions. I got a great action shot!

Because the marker set didn't have any brown in it, and he kept trying to fingerpaint with the dot markers, I brought out the paint. I gave him a circular sponge brush that was new to him, and he was very excited. He had a great time examining the brush and using it to create his puppy masterpiece. 

When the paper plates were dry, I added facial features using googly eyes, construction paper, and crayons. The birdies got a nice set of accordion legs! I love the way they turned out. Kingston loves his puppy the most. He keeps pointing to it and saying "My puppy! Woof!" I am excited to use the dot markers for other projects, and for themed do a dot sheets. I think every toddler needs to have a set of these! 

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