Mar 4, 2014

Pet Board Books for Baby and Toddler

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For the next two weeks, we are focusing on pets! There are so many awesome pet board books out there geared towards babies and toddlers, but here are some of the books that my toddler will be reading over the next couple of weeks.

Dog by Matthew Van Fleet is a crazy awesome book for a toddler. It is incredibly interactive, and there is fun of every page. If you are a family of dog lovers, or if your little one loves dogs, this book is a must have! Not only does it have tons of touch and feel areas, but it also has moveable parts. Kingston is obsessed with both aspects of this book. K's favorite part of the book, hands down, is the sticky dog tongue. If dogs are not your thing, or if you want to explore pets equally (we are huge dog people here!) then he also has a book of the same nature entitled Cat.

The Usborne Big Touchy Feely Book of Puppies (Touchy-Feely Board Books) by Fiona Watt - This is another fun, interactive board book. There are tons and tons of different textures to touch on each page. This isn't one of those touch and feel books where you feel like there isn't anything to interactive with. This book is literally filled with varying textures! K loves this book because there are puppies everywhere. You really can't get much better than that for him. And for the cat lovers, its kitten equivalent: Usborne Touch-feely Kittens.

Baby Touch and Feel Meow! Meow! by Roger Priddy - Kingston received a pile of cat books from my friends Melanie and Nicole for his birthday in an attempt to convert him to cat love. I must admit, he does love this book. He likes feeling the yarn the best. Have you noticed that we like touch and feel books around here? They do actually have a puppy equivalent to this one that we don't unfortunately own: Baby Touch and Feel Puppy Love.

Busy Doggies!: A Busy Animals Book by John Schindel - This book is so adorable! Any baby or toddler will love looking at all of the dogs going about their busy days. A fun bonus is that this book has a great rhyme flow and is fun to read! Cat equivalent: Busy Kitties

Touch and Feel: Pets - Of course dogs and cats aren't the only pets, so I am happy to have a few books on hand that show all kinds of different pets together. It helps that this is another fun touch and feel book!

Where's Arthur's Gerbil? by Marc Brown - This is a cute lift the flap book about a pet that is pretty unique to us. K loves lifting the flaps and peeking to see if the gerbil is there. He also really likes Arthur, so that's a plus. 

Doggies by Sandra Boynton - Oh boy, K loves this book. I have to admit, it is not my favorite to read, however, I do like Sandra Boynton. I love that not only is there a variety of dog noises (and a token cat!) for toddlers to learn, but there is also a counting aspect.

Touch and Feel: Kitten  - This totally self explanatory. I think I'm starting to see that we own too many touch and feel books! K's favorite texture in this book is the straw basket. Other than that, it isn't the most exciting touch and feel book out there, but great when you are learning about pets!

Amazing Animals: Reptiles & Frogs - We have all of the books in this fun little series, and I can't say enough good things about these books. I honestly think these are the BEST animal learning books for toddlers. They have great information on everyone, BUT the information is concise enough that it will hold a toddlers attention and keep them interested. Kingston loves the pictures of the different reptiles and frogs, and he also loves learning about them. 

Elmo's World First Flap-Book Library: Puppies - This book is so adorable! I typically don't like character books, and Kingston doesn't own very many of them. However, this book is a lift the flap filled with puppies. Not only are there real life puppies, but there are also puppet puppies. It's so cute! Note: We don't have the Kindle edition as pictured above, we have a the library (the link) which comes with several other adorable Elmo books!

That's Not My Bunny -  We love this series, and own a ton of them. This one is all about bunnies!

That's Not My Puppy - Here is another cute one we have! These books always having K turning the pages. He loves the end when the reader finally finds the proper animal. Here is the Kitten version: That's Not My Kitten

Animal Babies Around the House by Vicky Weber - These books are great! I was first introduced to them when I worked in daycare, and have now collected most of them for Kingston's library. These books are great toddler learning tools because they have a guessing element which allows the little one to guess the mommy animal, then when you turn the page it shows the mother and baby and tells both of their proper names.

You're Purrfect to Me by Sandra Magsamen - This book isn't about cats per say, but it is adorable and incredibly sweet. Plus, the cat with it's ears sticking out of the book makes for a great toddler conversation starter about cats.

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