Mar 14, 2014

Pet Print Crafts

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I bet you are going to be really surprised, BUT we couldn't resist making some pet themed print crafts! Are you shocked? Seriously, we can't get enough print crafts. The obsession is unhealthy I tell ya! 

For these projects, we used the same materials we always use: 
Fish bowl and bird cage print out

I realized that I never post pictures of our print craft process because it's so simple. I tried to document it this time just for the sake of capturing how much he loves making print crafts. He loves getting his hands inked or painted, and he loves when I press them down on the paper. He giggles every time I ink his toes. He usually picks the ink colors too if it a craft that doesn't require a specific color. 

The puppy footprint is hands down my favorite. I am so in love with it!

Kingston wanted to make a red kitten, so red is what we did!

We actually made two handprint birds, one of each hand. I cut them out and put them in separate cages. They look really cute side by side hanging on our slider. 

For the goldfish, I printed out a clipart fish bowl. We printed his hand in orange, and then I colored in the water around it. If you have an older child, they could add all of the details and additions to all of the print crafts themselves of course! But for now, I'm in charge of that task. 

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