Mar 6, 2014

Spring Soap Foam Color Mixing Sensory Bin

It's that time of month again! I am once again teaming up with the lovely ladies of All Things Kids to bring you a fun new series on Spring Sensory Playdate Activities. Don't forget to link up your awesome spring ideas at the end of this post!

We have been desperate for Spring to come here. At this point, it seems that the snow will never melt and the temps will never rise. So with that being said, we were in serious need of some beautiful Spring colors, and some Spring sensory play. I really wanted to try a new sensory medium, so we decided to try Fun At Home With Kids' Soap Foam. This soap foam uses just a few simple materials found around the house, and we just so happened to have all of them! For a full tutorial, visit Fun At Home With Kids. We added a pretty pop of Spring color by adding some faux flowers to the mix. The purple and orange really stood out against their yellow and blue backgrounds! I also added some spoons, cups, and an orange pail. 

I mixed up two colors of soap foam: yellow and blue. Our color of the month for March is green, so I thought this could double as a great color mixing activity. Though our foam was delightfully poofy, by the time Kingston finished his lunch and got to it, it was a bit deflated. He didn't seem to mind though, and dove right in with his wooden spoon to mix up some colors. 

As he mixed, the colors quickly combined to form a pretty Spring green!

Oh soapy toddler toes. Delicious!

As he mixed, I noticed that the foam starting to deflate, so our soap foam activity morphed into a water play activity. I added several buckets of warm water, and the spring green turned into a deep vibrant jungle green. Kingston was very excited by the water and the bubbles that formed! We took turns mixing up the soapy water really fast to make bigger and bigger piles of bubbles. 

K was in such awe of how many bubbles were forming. I love the look of pure joy on his face in the pictures below!

He had to stop for a quick telephone break. His exact words, "Oh Dada?! Ha Dada!" 

Then we went on a scavenger hunt to find the flowers floating in the green water. K had fun fishing them out and scooping them up with his ladle. 

He played in this soapy, watery, bubble concoction for quite a bit of time splashing and exploring. Did the activity I had in mind work out perfectly? Nope. Not at all. BUT he loved it anyway. We will definitely be playing with soap foam again (I won't wait quite so long to use it with him!), and we can't wait to put it in the water table outside in the Spring air and sun. This would make quite the toddler sensory play date!

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Now we want to see what awesomeness you have for us! Please feel free to link your Spring posts below.


  1. How fun! I love it when an activity turns out super fun even if it wasn't exactly what you had planned! No greater testimonial that the look on his face :)