Mar 1, 2014

Toddler Homeschool: St. Patrick's Day Theme Wrap Up

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We had another fun filled week of toddler homeschool! This week, we did a lot of fun sensory play, worked on fine motor skills, and did a lot of pretty artwork. In case you missed it, here is what we did:

Rainbow Shaving Cream Gold Coin Dig - This may have been one of our coolest sensory/fine motor skill play ideas to date! K had some much fun swirling the rainbow shaving cream and digging for gold coins. 

4 Simple and Fun St. Patrick's Day Paint Crafts - We did four fun paint crafts - Personalized Leprechaun's Gold, Shamrock Resist Art, Painting with Shamrocks, and Shamrock Prints

Classic Leprechaun Print Crafts - This is pretty self explanatory! K used his hands and feet to make adorable little leprechauns.
St. Patrick's Day Gelatin Fine Motor Play - This was another incredibly fun sensory/fine motor play. K dug St. Patrick's Day treasure out of green, lime gelatin. 

We did a lot of St. Patrick's Day dress up with different headbands and facial hair (though THOSE pictures must be saved for St. Patty's day!) 

The book we focused on the most this week was The Story of Saint Patrick's Day by Patricia A. Pingry. This is the book I gave to Kingston last St. Patrick's Day. We read it multiple times this week along with a million other books! We also made sure to point out rainbows and focused on the green and gold pages in Tabbed Board Books: My First Colors (one of K's favorite books). 

K did multiple St. Patrick's Day themed coloring pages this week. He colored rainbows, leprechauns, and shamrocks. 

We used our magnetic letters to spell out our words of the week: leprechaun, shamrock, green, gold, rainbow, St. Patrick's Day, clover, and coin. I am incredibly proud of Kingston. He learned uppercase and lowercase "T" this week. He is also really starting to pick up his letters and starting to try to name them and pick them out! 

We started our March color of the month early because it seemed fitting. Our color for the month of March is green! We did a couple activities using green pom poms. Kingston loves pom poms. He is obsessed with sorting them and counting them. I brought out an old wipes case, and let him do a pom pom drop activity. We worked on fine motor skills, counting, and color naming.  

He really enjoyed closing the lid and pressing the button to open it again! It's the little things in life for toddlers. 

We also did another simple one to one activity, just like the one we did last week except this time we used smaller pom poms. Just by changing the size of the pom poms, it changed the activity for K. It took him a few seconds before he realized that he should only put one in each spot. 

He clapped for himself every time he put a pom in! 

As a fun treat this week, we watched Minnie's Rainbow which is a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode with St. Patrick's Day themes! 

We are really looking forward to our next theme which will span two weeks: Pets! 

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