Apr 4, 2014

Bunny Tail Pom Pom Painting

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Happy Fine Motor Fridays! We are kicking off our month long Easter/Spring/Earth Day combo unit, and what better way than with some fine motor fun. Last year, a lot of our crafts were chick and egg related, so I wanted our first craft of the season to be bunny-filled! I have always wanted to try clothespin pom pom painting with Kingston, and he is at such a great age for it right now. The white pom poms looked just like bunny tails, so we made this adorable Bunny Tail Pom Pom Painting!

For this project, we used: 

If you have ever used black washable paint, you know it dries gray. We were hoping for a gray bunny, so I poured some black washable paint onto a paper plate and set up the clothespins with the pom poms on them. Kingston was so excited that he was going to get to dip himself. He knew just what to do and began dipping and painting. I directed his attention to the pom poms and told him they were fuzzy like bunny tails. He thought that was great and said, "hop hop!" 

He was very intrigued by the clothespin and he worked his fine motor skills by squeezing the clothespin to open it, releasing the pom pom, and then trying to pick it up again. He spent a long time engaged in this because it was so new to him. In the process of exercising his fine motor skills, he managed to do a really great job painting his bunny. 

When he was done and the painting had dried, I cut out a face and two long ears. After gluing them together, I added facial features with googly eyes and permanent marker. I love how it turned out, and we are excited to get our first Easter craft up on the wall! 

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