Apr 29, 2014

Chocolate Pudding Piggy Sensory Play

After we did our Pig in the Mud Painting of couple of days ago, I couldn't resist expanding the art project into a sensory activity. Kingston thoroughly enjoyed painting with the "mud", so I figured he would like to really dig his hands into some full on piggy play. 

To make the sensory bin, I used leftovers and expired items! I had some old chocolate pudding mix in the pantry that was months past its best by date, some applesauce getting ready to expire, and some leftover pizelle cookies from Easter. The applesauce served as an extra "muddy" spot in the pig's mud hole, and the crushed up cookies served as the pigs slop. 

Kingston wasted no time grabbing the pig and delving right into some pretend play. He stomped the pig around the pudding, crunched the "slop" and fed him some, had him bathe in the applesauce. 

The face he is making above was classic! This is what he did the second he got some of the mess on his hands. 

After some more mud rolling, Kingston decided that he wanted a spoon to explore further. I was surprised that he didn't want to just stick his hands in (maybe because that's what I wanted to do), but he just wasn't into it. 

He was really excited to get that spoon, and went to work stirring and mixing up the pig's mud. 

Before I knew it, he was done and off. What I thought was going to be an incredibly messy activity (note the lack of pants, the smock, and the towel) literally made no mess at all, which was a bit disappointing. However, he knows when he has had enough! I couldn't help snapping a pic of that cute toddler booty! 

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