Apr 27, 2014

Citrus Lane Box Review - April 2014

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We got our first Citrus Lane box this month, and we were really excited to see what inside! Kingston is 19 months, so I assume this is the 19 month box, although they do it a little bit differently than Bluum

For those of you who are not familiar with Citrus Lane, it is a monthly subscription box for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, ages 0-5. It contains 4 or more products geared towards your child's age group. It costs roughly $21-$29 a month depending on how many months you buy, but they have some pretty phenomenal deals going on constantly. This month you can use the code TAKE20OFF to get your first box for only $9!!

This month's box was an Earth Day theme. Everything within the box was eco-friendly or spring themed. Each Citrus Lane box comes with a menu card that tells you exactly what is inside and a bit about the product. 

This month, they had an option where you could choose the book you were getting. I took advantage of this offer and was able to choose one of K's items out of a handful of options. It was really fun to be able to have that control over one product and know that I was getting something I knew we would definitely like, but still being able to be surprised. You didn't have to take advantage of the choose your own option, but I thought it was great. 

Here is what we received in our box as well as the lowest retail price I could find: 

Port Side Pirates (A Barefoot Singalong) by Oscar Seaworthy - $8.99 - These fun Barefoot books were the Citrus Lane choice this month. There were tons of different books to choose from and they come with a fun sing-a-long CD with the song from the story. The book itself is paperback which Kingston isn't really ready for yet, but it is a great book to tuck away for him for a few months from now. The pictures are delightful and the story is in fun repetitive rhyming verse.

Green Toys Race Car - $6.29 - We LOVE Green Toys, and this race car was no exception. Green Toys are made from recycled milk cartons, and are a great eco-friendly company. Their toys are extremely durable and good quality. This car is large enough to make a statement zooming around, but small enough that it can travel with us. This was hands down Kingston's favorite item in the box!

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Liquid Dish Soap - 2 oz sample - about $0.50 - I have always wanted to try Mrs. Meyers soaps. I have been using this sample on Kingston's highchair, and it is just about gone after several days. I like the smell, but it's pretty strong. I would be interested in trying other Mrs. Meyer's products, but I wasn't head over heels for this as being one of the 4 products included in the box.

Green Eats 4 Pack Snack Bowl in Blue - $9.06 - These snack bowls by Green Toys are made out of the same recycled products that their toys are made out of. Kingston wasn't interested in these at all, but I was happy to receive them. We have plenty of snack bowls already, but these are very hard and durable, plus they are smaller which is perfect for K who is independent and likes to eat bowls of crackers and treats on his own.

Free Card offer from Treat.com - $3.00 - Typically I would have dismissed any offers at the bottom of the box as nothing very exciting, but THIS offer was incredibly exciting. I had never heard of Treat.com before receiving this offer, and now I am hooked! It is a greeting card site brought to us by Shutterfly (hands down my favorite online photo company!) that allows you to design and mail custom greeting cards directly to your loved ones. This offer for a free card was put to very good use. I couldn't resist buying a few more cards and sending them out to loved ones. This was definitely a hit for me! 

Here are some pictures of Kingston enjoying his box: 

The car was the best part for him! He quickly tossed everything else to the side and began playing with the car. 

The bowls didn't even get a second glance from him, but at least they will be useful!

Check out that look on his face! He was mid saying "vroom vroom!" 

Was it worth it? : Our monthly box costs around $21. The total of this months box, taking into account Amazon pricing and not retail prices, was $27.84. It wasn't an incredible value, but I was pleased with everything inside!

We are really looking forward to getting our next box, and I'm happy we signed up! If you are interested in signing up, the boxes are at their all time low in pricing. Visit Citrus Lane and use the above code to get it for only $9!

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