Apr 14, 2014

Easter Bunny Sensory Bin

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It wouldn't be a holiday without a sensory bin would it? I was really excited for Kingston to explore Easter Basket Grass as a sensory medium this year, since he hasn't played with it much before.

 In our bin I included: 

Easter Basket Grass in purple, pink, yellow, and green
Plastic Easter Eggs
Tiny plastic Easter eggs from Hobby Lobby
Little People Bunnies
A Carrot from our VTech 2-in-1 Shop and Cook Playset
An Easter garland from the Dollar Tree

There were three bunnies located in different zones of the sensory bin. Some of them had tiny orange eggs that we pretended were carrots. Inside the plastic Easter eggs were tiny solid eggs from added fine motor and sensory fun. There was one giant carrot for all of the Easter bunnies to share. 

Kingston was super excited of course. All the colors caught his attention and he instantly wanted to pick out all of the Easter eggs. Before he got started, we named the colors of the eggs and grass and talked about the bunnies and the carrots. 

K's new thing with plastic eggs is to immediately open them and look inside. I didn't have to encourage him to peek inside these eggs! Thankfully, they didn't disappoint. He was excited to find the little eggs of varying sizes inside. 

Here he is saying "Mama, EGG!" 

I was surprised with how little he played with the Easter grass! I thought there would be grass flying everywhere, but he gently picked up strands one by one and we went over the colors again. He liked the "poorple" and the "geen" the best!

"Mama, a cah-yet!" 

Without any prompting, he immediately began feeding the carrot to the bunny. It was so precious! I was so proud of him for making the connection between the two. We often talk about bunnies eating carrots, especially recently. So, it was good to know he had been paying attention! 

Then he decided the bunnies also needed to eat some eggs!

Our new sensory tub is pretty big, and I was wondering which one of our activities would prompt him to jump in. He stood up and circled for a couple seconds before asking for help to get inside. Once inside he was a happy camper! He played with the grass and covered his toes with it.

Aren't toddler toes just scrumptious?! 

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