Apr 18, 2014

Easter Grass Contact Paper Collage

Happy Fine Motor Fridays! We did a simple, virtually mess-free fine motor activity this week that looks great hanging in our window, an Easter Grass Contact Paper Collage! The best part about this activity is it isn't just for Easter. In fact, it is the perfect after-Easter, Spring project to do with all of your recycled leftovers. Easter grass comes in a variety of gorgeous bright colors that are sure to liven up your windows when sandwiched in between contact paper!

The set-up for this was a simple as it gets. I taped some contact paper down, sticky side up, and provided K with a bunch of vibrantly colored Easter grass. Of course, the first thing he had to do was test the stickiness of the contact paper out. For all of the contact paper crafts we have done (literally since he was about 5 months old), he STILL does this every time! It's pretty adorable. 

We pointed out the colors of the Easter grass, much like we did with our Easter Bunny Sensory Bin (this Easter grass was recycled from that activity). Then he started using his fine motor skills to pull pieces of grass out of the pile. 

At first, he separated and placed the grass by color. 

However, after awhile he began to get a bit wild with it. He was pulling and stretching the grass while laughing his cute little toddler bum off! 

When he was done, I put another piece of contact paper over the mass of Easter grass and pressed it down so that the grass was neatly sandwiched in between. It is such a bright and cheery addition to his other Easter and Spring artwork!

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  1. So cute! What do you think he would do if you put the contact paper down the other way once and it WASN'T sticky when he tested it?

    1. Thanks Devany! He would probably give it a few pats and then wonder how the heck I was planning on sticking something to it! lol

  2. Hehehe it looks like he had fun with that! My little guy would be all over this!