Apr 26, 2014

Pig in the Mud Painting

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We just recently started our Farm unit over here this week. Farm animals are pretty much Kingston's favorite subject to talk about, favorite place to visit, and favorite topic of book to read. He is a bit farm obsessed and always has been. We go to the farm just about every morning to visit the animals after our walk. Since it is such a big part of our day to day life, I thought I would just jump right in with this fun sensory painting activity. 

For this project, I whipped up some simple "mud paint". which is just brown washable paint mixed with craft sand . We have painted with this kind of simple sand paint quite a few times in the past, but Kingston is constantly enthralled by it. I put the mixed "mud" onto a piece of white cardstock, and handed K a pig from his Fisher-Price Little People Farm Pond and Pig Pen Playset

I explained to him that pigs love mud. We read I Love You, Good Night every night before bed which depicts pigs loving mud and rolling in it. We've also seen pigs roll around in the mud in person, so K was familiar with the concept. I asked him if his piggy wanted to roll in the mud and he made him do so. 

He couldn't resist sticking his hands in the paint, and the faces he made at the texture were priceless. You would think he had never touched it before. He is constantly playing in the sand, even when we aren't painting with it. But, I loved seeing his surprise! 

His little pig got down and dirty in the mud paint while Kingston and I made "oinking" noises. It was a really fun and simple sensory paint project. The finished painting kind of looks like a map of the world! 

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