Apr 7, 2014

Toilet Paper Roll Easter Egg Prints

Welcome to another series brought to you by all of us over at All Things Kids. This month, we are focusing on recycled crafts and activities! Since Kingston is learning and exploring all things spring and Easter (and Earth Day) related this month, I came up with a super simple craft using recycled toilet paper rolls for him to do: Toilet Paper Roll Easter Egg Prints!

This craft was so simple to set up, it was almost comical, BUT he loved it, and Mama loved the end result. All you will need for this craft is some recycled toilet paper rolls, washable paint in bright Easter colors, and some white cardstock. Make sure to squeeze the cardboard roll a bit to form an oval shape for the egg prints. 

This was a wonderful opportunity for us to talk about colors. He is at a great stage where he can now ask for the color he wants, which easily opened up a color discussion dialogue for us! 

He was very focused on making the prints. He liked how they looked with the different colors overlapped and wildly stamped color after color. He liked doubling up TP rolls and making double prints. 

I was interested to see him focus on his technique. At one point, he squish the toilet paper roll and began flicking the different paint colors around to mix them. It looked so good! 

His finished masterpiece was so vibrant. The colors were the perfect Easter pop, and I can't wait to get it up on the wall! 

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