May 16, 2014

Baby Book Club April: Dinosaur Roar!

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In April, we met to read Dinosaur Roar!  by Henrietta Stickland. This has since become one of Kingston's favorite books! I put together a fun day filled with dino-fun for the littles. At this meeting, we had 5 toddlers and one honorary baby member. Once we all get settled, we got down to reading our book. 

After we read the story multiple times, I set out a dinosaur playdough small world. I made it using homemade green playdough, river rocks and plastic dinosaurs. This bin was similar to the Dinosaur Small World with Kinetic Sand that I made for K during our dinosaur unit. The tots had a blast diving into this! 

K of course was the most fascinated with the rocks (my little geologist!), while his friends I, L, and Kay went for the dinosaurs! 

The playdough was definitely a great touch. The kiddos made tracks, squished, and poked at it. It was a super clean bin too, as everything stayed inside. 

After a roaring good time of dino proportions, we had snacks. For the occasion, I made dinosaur print cookies and dino egg surprise snacks! To make the dinosaur print cookies, I picked up a bag of Betty Crocker Snickerdoodle Cookie Mix. I wanted the tracks to look like they had been made in sand, and the cinnamon and sugar topping was the perfect way to do this. I made the cookies according to the package, however prior to baking I imprinted them with one of the toy dinosaurs feet. Then when they came out and were still warm and pliable, I imprinted them again. Once they cooled, they were super cute and delicious!

For the dino egg surprises, I took some plastic Easter eggs in various shades of green and filled them with organic animal crackers and veggie straws. I put them in a basket on a bed of Easter grass. This provided both an exciting snack concept and an extra sensory exploration. The kids loved choosing an egg, seeing what inside, and playing with the grass!

Check out Kingston and his friend I's dinosaur shirts. So cute!

All in all it was another awesome meeting of Baby Book Club. The kids had so much fun, loved the snacks, and left ready for naptime! We just recently had our May meeting where we read We're Going on a Bear Hunt. If you enjoyed reading about this meeting, you will definitely love the next. So stay tuned and read along with us! 

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  1. This is amazing! Your friends (and their kids) are so lucky to have you!!!

  2. Thanks so much for featuring our Dinosaur Roar! Lots more fun on the brand new website and the new page. Send a big ROAR! to the kids! Best wishes, Paul

    1. Hi Paul!! My pleasure! I am honored that you enjoyed it! :)

  3. Always love to see your book picks! What fun!