May 26, 2014

Bluum Box Review - 20 Months

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We received our 3rd Bluum Box last week, and I must say WE LOVE BLUUM! We are officially hooked. 

Bluum, Inc. is a monthly subscription box for pregnancy through pre-k. They are curated specifically for your child's age, and typically include an item for Mama as well! The boxes range in price from from $21-$24.95 a month depending on how many months you buy. 

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I was actually able to pre-open the box while Kingston was napping. Here is what we got in our box with the lowest retail price that I could find:  

Flap Happy Boys Upf 50+ Swim Flap Hats - $18.00 - I was really excited that there was a hat included in the box. We are in desperate need of a new sun hat. However, the print of this hat is HIDEOUS. I know that Bluum can't account for people's taste, so I would never hold them accountable for sending me a print that I didn't like. Regardless, we will wear this for sure at the Glamparent's pool! It is a great brand and covers the back of his neck which is wonderful. I do wish, however, that they would send more neutrals instead of busy prints.

Salem Baking Company Thin & Crispy Dark Chocolate Mint Cookies - $5.99 - These cookies were our included snack in the our box this month. This is a HUGE box of cookies, and came with enough to share with the entire family. The cookies have great flavor, and are a great choice for the thin & crispy cookie lovers. 

Purple Prairie SunStick SPF 30 100% Natural Sunscreen - $12.56 - This all natural sunscreen stick from Purple Prairie was the "Mom" item in the box this month! I think it's fabulous. The ingredients list is one that I can pronounce and is incredibly natural, which is a serious thing for me because I'm very conscious of the products that I use on our skin. The rating for this sunscreen on the EWG SkinDeep website (which if you don't know about, you need to check out!) is a 1!! That is AMAZING. I feel comfortable using this one both myself AND Kingston due to that rating! This is a phenomenal product, and I'm so glad it was included in our box.

KidZ BanZ Age 2-5 Sunglasses - $12.75 - I have been dying for a pair of these awesome toddler sunglasses! We have a ton of sunglasses, however, K will not keep them on. These glasses have an adjustable band attached to them, and though he's not guaranteed to keep these on either, at least the band will help. The print we got was Camo, which once again I would have preferred a neutral, but I'm sure these will get quite a bit of use!

First Concepts Numbers - $8.09 - We have gotten a Roger Priddy book in every box thus far, and I can't complain! These books are awesome! This was the only item included in this box that was actually something that Kingston could interact with. We received the First Concepts Colors in our previous box, so I knew we would like this one.

Here are some pictures of Kingston tearing into the box: 

I have to admit, while Mama was pretty impressed with this months box, Kingston was not. He literally opened the box and began chucking all the things he found uninteresting over his shoulder, which unfortunately happened to be pretty much everything. 

He was momentarily interested in the sunglasses.

He absolutely HATED his hat. It must have been the print... 

He did enjoy reading his book briefly, but I could tell her was disappointed that there were no toys inside. 

Was it worth it? 

With discounts and a 6 month subscription, the cost of our box was $19. The total of products in this (taking into account the lowest prices I could find!) was $57.39!! That is insane and 3x as much as the cost of the box. Bluum, Inc. CERTAINLY gives you your monies worth in each box. 

We are in love with Bluum, and after 3 months I can honestly say that we are still incredibly thrilled to be receiving this box. In fact, it is the box that Mama looks forward to the most each month. They always surprise me with what is inside! This box wasn't Kingston's favorite, he would have much preferred to receive at least one toy, however, this was one of my favorite boxes! 

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What did you receive in your Bluum box this month? Were you happy with it?

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