May 17, 2014

Chronological Order Water Play

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One of the topics I wanted to introduce Kingston to during our "All About Me" unit, was chronological order. With a new baby on the way, I think it is important for him to make the connection that he was also that small once and to see how he has grown up over the last 19 months. In order to do this, I wanted to bring in one of his new favorite outdoor activities: the water table. We have the Step2 Naturally Playful Sand & Water Center, and love it! 

My first step was to select pictures from different points of K's life. After I chose them and printed them, I marked the age that Kingston was when each of these were taken in the corner of the photo. Then I laminated them using my magical Scotch Thermal Laminator  (I seriously love this thing!). 

Kingston was running wild with his beloved Little Tikes Spray and Rescue Fire Truck and washing the deck, but I was able to coax him over to the water table. I mean, what toddler doesn't like looking at pictures of themselves right? 

He immediately started grabbing the pictures and looking at each of them. He said, "Kingston!" I was thrilled that he understood. We talked about what age he was in each of the pictures. When we got to his most recent picture, I told him that this was him now. 

Before we sorted the pictures, I asked him to choose his favorite one. He picked the picture of newborn him at only 10 days old. He was really drawn to this picture, and I explained to him that this was him as a baby. He loved it. (This totally gives me hope that maybe he will love his baby brother!)

Then we ordered them. I showed him how to start with the youngest picture, and we worked our way up to the most current. He was proud and paused for a moment to survey his handiwork before he promptly dumped a handful of boats and cups on top of everything. The laminated K's enjoyed their boat rides after that! This was a quick and fun ordering activity. We can use these cards in the future as Kingston becomes more independent in sequencing. 

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  1. I love the addition of the water table to this sequencing activity!

  2. I love pulling out my son's water table. This looks like a great activity to use it for.

    1. Thank you Deirdre!! We love the water table too!