May 30, 2014

Fine Motor Flower Print Craft

Happy Fine Motor Fridays! When we received these amazing 3D Flowers Foam Stickers from CraftProjectIdeas, I immediately knew we had to use them in our Nature unit. K loves picking flowers for Mama, an activity that gives a great fine motor workout in itself, so I thought he would love to create his own 3D flowers using these. All we needed was a little ink, and the fine motor fun commenced! 

I rarely get a shot of us doing our print crafts because it typically requires two hands.  However K is super cooperative now with print crafts after doing a million of them, and I was able to snap a couple! I promise he was much more enthused then he looks in these pictures. 

Before our activity, we counted the flowers. After counting "9" flowers, we knew that we had to make 9 green stem fingerprints. K did a really great job with his prints!

After we finished printing, we talked about the "top" and "bottom" of the stem. We have recently started talking about opposites and focusing more on learning certain prepositional phrases such as "above" and "below", so this was a great reinforcement activity. I told K that the flowers go on the top of the stems.

 He really seemed to grasp the concept and worked hard using his fine motor skills to get them just right. 

After he placed all of the flowers, we did counting and color learning with them. First we counted all of the flowers together. Then K tried counting them independently. As of this activity, he can officially count to 5 on his own. We also practiced our colors. He both verbally identified the colors of the flowers, and also pointed to the colors while I called out the color names. 

This activity was incredibly simple and only required a few materials, however we spent quite a bit of time learning with it! We were able to combined art, fine motor practice, color learning, and counting skills all in one craft project. 

For a 20 month old, I think his placement skills are pretty awesome!

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The products from CraftProjectIdeas featured in this post were given to us for free. 
They offer phenomenal projects and fantastic ideas on both their website and their Facebook page

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