May 23, 2014

Fine Motor Name Game

Happy Fine Motor Fridays! Lately, K has been hard at work learning how to spell his name. We constantly sing a special name song I made up for him, point on the various letters in his name, and do activities based on his name. So, I figured in honor of Fine Motor Fridays, why not pair our literacy activities with fine motor fun!  

For this activity, I used mini craft sticks from the ever fabulous CraftProjectIdeas and an old oatmeal can that I had saved. I cut a really thin slit in the top of the container and wrote the letters of Kingston's first and last name on the craft sticks. 

K examined his name and we read each of the letters aloud. Then I held out each letter and he identified it before putting it in the oatmeal can. 

I'm so glad I made the slit in the can so small because it truly made it challenging for him. He had to figure out which way to hold it and make sure it was angled correctly. He loved it! He definitely worked his fine motor skills getting each mini craft stick into the slit. 

After he identified them and put them in the can, we dumped them back out and played the game a different way. I started calling out the letters for him to find, and he found them and put them in. 

Then we went over each letter as fast as we could until it was almost like he was spelling his name on his own! He loved doing speed letter recognition. We paused to go over the "I" and the "T" several times because he is still calling both of them "T" at first identification. I showed him that the "I" had two lines and the "T" had one! 

But seriously.. this face! He posed for this cute candid and then went on to shake the craft stick filled oatmeal can and dance.  Mini craft sticks also make great shaker fillers! 

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  1. This is a great literacy idea! I'll be making one with my toddler!

    1. Thank you so much Devany! I bet D will love it! :)

  2. What a cool idea! Both my kids would like this!!

  3. Ooh I've not seen those mini craft sticks before! So useful! Great activity, too. ;-)

    1. Thank you George!! Craftprojectideas mini craft sticks are super fun!

  4. This is such a great way to work on names and spelling words.