May 6, 2014

Painting with Horses and Manes

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We are continuing our farm theme this week, and I really wanted to do a horse themed activity with K. He LOVES horses! Our backyard neighbors have one, and whenever we are outside he is calling "Horrrrrsey neiggghhhhh!" For this activity, I picked up a couple of horse figurines at the Dollar Tree. I thought it would be fun to paint with the "horses mane", so to simulate that I create yarn manes. I cut a handful of orange yarn strands and knotted them all in the middle until I was left with what resembled a bushy horse mane. I made two of them. 

Before we started, Kingston and I went over the different parts of the horse. We talked about the tail (which the homemade brushes also resembled), the mane, the hooves, and the horses facial features. He repeated each word after me, and neighed quite a bit. When we were done, I set the horses aside and set K up with some white cardstock , blue washable paint, and green washable paint

He did really well painting with the horse manes. He glided them back and forth over the paper and blotted them all over the paint. 

Then he asked for one of the horses and started painting with the horses hooves. He galloped the horse all over the paper, examining each hoof as he went. It was nice to see how captivated he was by the horse. He alternated between trotting him across the paper, galloping him, and sliding him gently through the paint. 

The finished product definitely looked like a beautiful meadow! 

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  1. This looks like such a fun way to paint! I have pinned this post!