May 9, 2014

Pouch Cap Sheep Printing

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Happy Fine Motor Fridays! We are wrapping up our farm unit this week and squeezing in our final projects. Anyone who visits the House of Burke can see that I happen to keep a collection of pouch caps laying around. We haven't used them for much yet besides counting manipulatives, but I'm convinced we can use them in a million different ways. I really wanted to incorporate them into our farm unit, and what better way than with a Pouch Cap Sheep! 

Before we did our project, we read Sheep in a Jeep by Nancy Shaw. (I purchased this book on Amazon for super cheap, and it's STILL super cheap! I would definitely suggest grabbing it as it is adorable.) Kingston loves sheep. Seriously. This kid was born to BAA! After we read, he got down to business and made his sheep. 

For this project we used black construction paper, white washable paint, and a pouch cap from a Happy Tots Plus pouch. Kingston dove right in, dipping the pouch top in the paint and making his prints. I showed him how to hold the slippery pouch cap to make the circles. The shape of the pouch cap forced him to hold it differently than a regular paint brush. He exercised his fine motor skills as he made each print. 

He was super focused during this project. We talked about the colors white and black, circles, and made sheep noises. He couldn't resist doing a little fingerpainting. 

In the midst of his fingerpainting, he realized how much fun it is to stick your thumbs and fingers in the pouch cap tops. He got a kick out of it! He kept holding it out to me in excitement saying "Mama!" and laughing hysterically. By the time he was finished we were both laughing!

Once his sheep was dry, I used a black Sharpie to draw on the facial features and feet of the sheep. (I think it is a bit Marc Brown-esque!) 

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  1. I think he has your smile!

    You didn't mention it but I love how you taped the paper plate to the painting as a paint tray!

    1. Aww thanks love! I think so too. He also gets his hilariousness from me! ;) I actually just left the paper plate on the tray. It could have been quite the mess, but he was very neat with it!

  2. Oh my goodness (or dear sweet baby jellybeans), that sheep is flipping adorable!

  3. SO cute! And the sheep is too!

  4. The kiddos were just exploring our pouch cap lids this past week-- great idea to paint with them!! Perfect for talking about shapes with my 3 year old and overlapping circles with my 6 year old!

    1. Thanks Kristina! It's definitely perfect for a circle lesson! :)