May 3, 2014

Print Craft Farm

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It wouldn't be a theme for us if we didn't do some kind of print craft, so we couldn't resist making an entire farm of animals! To make our prints, we used My First ColorBox Inkpads, Sharpies, white pom poms, a glue pen, white cardstock, scissors, and green construction paper. K was really excited to start. He loves putting the ink on his hand and is such a good sport about our print crafts. As I inked each of his hands (and his foot!) we talked about the animals and the noises they made. I inked his hands and feet for the horse, pig, and sheep. For the cow, I simply traced his hand. We counted his fingers as I traced, and he did his best to keep them still!

Once we were done making the prints, I set a pile of white pom poms onto his tray. He loves pom poms (or "pah pahs" as he calls them), so he was a happy camper. I cut the sheep out of the cardstock and taped it to his highchair. Then I spread glue along the sheep's body and told him to put his pom poms on the sheep. He really enjoyed putting them on AND taking them off, so we went through a bit more glue than I anticipated! However, eventually he left them and he had a sweet woolly sheep. This extra step to the print crafts gave Kingston both a sensory element and helped exercise his fine motor skills. 

Once everything was dry, I cut everything out, added facial and body features and glued them to a piece of green construction paper. I love them! They turned out so cute, and he did a great job.

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